Photo Challenge #100 February 16, 2016 – The Cleaners


Image: Clean up by Lemanshots


The cleaners nodded

Satisfaction written in their bizarre minds

They wiped their hands

On grimy rags at jobs completion.

Before them lay the body of the cleansed man.

His soul picked clean like a desert carcass.

In their minds their thoughts drifted

From one to the other.

Challenging thought one

Intriguing thought another.

Exhausting thought the third.

This soul required a major makeover

Clogged to the gunnels

With every vice imaginable.

His grotesqueness they concluded

Highlighted his decline

He was a glutton in all things.

Fine food, fine wine,

His lust for the long legged blonde

The woman he fantasied about

Took extra cleansing

Heavy duty scrubbing

Far more than the usual elbow grease.

In his mind her form was cemented,

Eyes that flashed welcome

Thighs tantalisingly teasing.

They rubbed her out, extracting all she was.

At the jobs conclusion

They collected their spoils

According to their brand of perversion

Retired to shadowy dismal spaces

Where they poured over the man’s folly

Delighting in their own lascivious game.


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19 Responses to Photo Challenge #100 February 16, 2016 – The Cleaners

  1. Sounds like he got scrubbed good! 😀 Very nice!!

  2. Sounds as if they were cleaners from Hell. Keeping the spoils for their own amusement . . . just like a gang of wayward demons.

  3. This is really quite amazing. I wonder who the cleaners are; what happens to “him” next — scrubbed enough to go up, or still destined to go down. And so on. Thanks for a good write that’s making me think.

  4. Bastet says:

    Very decadent creature so suitable for the spoils of vice … what an imaginative invention Micheal, I think a whole story hides behind this piece of verse … so many ideas are there wanting to be elaborated.

  5. I like that picture, its very unusual.
    I like your take on it too, creepy how they pass though from on to the other. The Despicable Decorators, cleansing one soul at a time. I’m creeping myself out here ffs lol

  6. CPP says:

    Great response Michael! wow – really there is an eerie – almost silently reserved voice when reading this – that paints the picture so clearly …. and how it seems – they seem well, almost harmless …. almost pitying in their duties …. and so … the twisted and darkness of their own characters – feeding their own “depravities” – bloody brilliant; and you’ve chosen well – the words revealing just enough to create the tensions and allow for the mind to wander in question …

    great chiller here Michael – so many aspects to consider – wonderful! 🙂

    Cheers ~ Pat

  7. This could so easily evolve into a full length story! Very good take on the picture!

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