Photo Prompt #99 February 9, 2016 – The Bearded Man


It was more than wisdom

The man possessed.

You enter his space

His presence greets you

Even before he enters the room.

There is a hushed silence

Whispers go round

Expectations and past tales

Of prophecy and revelation.

A crude drum beats,

The room is hushed

The bearded man enters and we stare

In wonder that this is the one

The man we have travelled so far to see

Looking like any other person off the street.

But it’s his eyes that draw us in.

He sits and looks down on us

Then smiles shyly

And looks at me.

His head tilts slightly to one side as he begins

Regaling me with my life.

I am embarrassed

As it’s been one of constant impurity

Lust and desire.

‘The road to love,’ he says ‘is tricky

You have encountered so many obstacles,

Things that got in the way

Leaving you floundering in loneliness.

Have faith you know there is one

Whose path is as rocky as yours

But whose heart beats in time with you.

Patience is more than a virtue

It can and will drive you mad

But worth the effort

As is the one your heart goes out to.’

He smiled at me

My heart swelled,

I wanted to flee that place

Relate my experience.

For the first time in so long

I felt hope.


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11 Responses to Photo Prompt #99 February 9, 2016 – The Bearded Man

  1. He has a powerful presence, and the power of prophecy.
    “I find his eyes hypnotic; there is something mystical and magical about this man,” she said, nodding with the presented evaluation of him.

  2. A shaman perhaps. Your descriptions are exactly as I would feel in that situation!

  3. Love it! “For the first time in a long time. I felt hope.”

  4. CPP says:

    this is such a wonderful response to the prompt – you’ve created an ambiance and atmosphere – revealing just enough with precision – the sense of anticipation dancing in the air – electrical.

    and somehow, this resonates with me – on a very very personal level – although I can’t think of any moments in my own life when something like this described encounter have ever come to pass – similar and thematically different – but not quite this.

    Very amazing Michael 🙂 thanks for sharing your response to the photo challenge

    Cheers ~ Pat

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