Photo Challenge # 97: January 26, 2016 – Winter Walk


Image: Poppy by Liz West CC BY 2.0


It was the winter chills that led to the whole incident taking place. You’d been stuck inside as the rain, snow and winter winds kept all but the hardy from venturing out.

You said on more than one occasion that you could feel yourself going stir crazy and as much as I was delightful company there was a limit to my bubbling personality.

So when a break in the weather came you looked out and announced it was time to walk and enjoy the rare day of winter sunshine.

So dressing in the lightest of clothing, enough to keep out the chill but not restrict our walk we headed off.

Your whole personality changed with the step out the door.

You suddenly became energised, you skipped ahead of me, you challenged me to a race to the first corner and you actually meant a running race, which I am loath to say you won hands done. Age sucks as you know and running anywhere is not what my body is enthusiastic about.

So we continued on in this effervescent way until we reached Jonas’ poppy farm.

You stood there admiring the vast expanse of orange poppies waving seductively in the breeze.

You suddenly announced that you were going in. I should point out that old man Jonas was not averse to shooting at any one who ventured into his poppy paddock.

Before I could utter any objections you were over the fence and running wildly amongst the blooms.

That was ok I could understand your reaction to this sea of beauty, it would be normal after being shut up as we had been to want to enjoy this beauteous sight.

But my eye brows were raised when I watched as you began to roll among the flowers, then on your back with your feet in the air, shoeless by now, calling to me to join you, that you were going to cast off all your clothes and frolic with gay abandon there and then.

“Join me, join me,” you implored but I stood there frozen to the spot, I’d never seen you behave in this way.

My reluctance rubbed off on you, thank goodness, and you soon returned to me and we sat beside the road looking at the sea of orange.

“I felt like a puppy let out to run wild, I wanted to roll in the flowers with my feet in the air imagining my tail wagging like crazy.” You said reflecting on what had just happened.

Giggling to yourself I helped you to your feet and holding my hand we headed back towards home as on the horizon the dark clouds of the next storm gathered all the forces it was going to need to confine us once again.


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19 Responses to Photo Challenge # 97: January 26, 2016 – Winter Walk

  1. Wonderful story. I could see your friend frolicking. I did want to join her — but I thought I’d keep my clothes on — winter after all, even in Australia. ;D

  2. kim881 says:

    Great image, naked in poppies in a field in California. Very sixties!

  3. Bastet says:

    Oh what a beautiful story Micheal, perhaps one of the best i’ve ever read of yours .. there is something so delightfully real and nostalgic about the tale .. and the ending, with it’s sweet melancholy return to wintry reality .. a reality that would have to muster a lot of strength to lock those two up again … how so very heart-warming.

  4. CPP says:

    😀 Brilliantly uplifting Michael!

    I think you’ve playfully managed to create something light yet very grounded – and it speaks of impulse, energy and longing for freedom – of the tiring effects of restrictions, in whatever forms they appear.

    And I appreciate the name “Jonas” – clever – considering the recent mega storm was named as such.

    Lovely write and a great pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing at the photo challenge.


  5. Mandy says:

    Loved this post, Michael. I grinned the whole time I was reading and felt that free spirit you that described myself. I imagined running through the poppies sans clothing, though these days it might be better after dark or before dawn Lol 😂

  6. Hemangini says:

    Such a cute little story.. .I want to roll into fields of greenery and flowers like a puppy or a cat.. Haha It was sweet! I almost felt like one reading your story. 🙂

  7. I loved this! Bright and vivid descriptions!

  8. Lori Carlson says:

    Wonderful and whimsical! Loved the descriptions, Michael. I wonder though, how far did you have to wander to find a poppy patch in winter? *laughs*

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