Wordle #95 – The Claw


This week’s words: Fade Human Dolorous (full of, expressing, or causing pain or sorrow; grievous; mournful) Elicit (to draw or bring out or forth; educe; evoke) Deaden Hibiscus Claw Downpour Irrelevant Fear Adversary Attrition (a reduction or decrease in numbers, size, or strength: a wearing down or weakening of resistance, especially as a result of continuous pressure or harassment: a gradual reduction in work force without firing of personnel, as when workers resign or retire and are not replaced. the act of rubbing against something; friction. a wearing down or away by friction; abrasion. Theology. imperfect contrition.

Harry ‘The Claw’ looked down on his victim, the hapless human, or excuse for one in Johnny ‘The Sniffler”.

The Sniffler was trussed up on the floor his hands tied, his legs tied, he was for the want of a better word, immobile.

Harry had caught Johnny in the act of pinching the boss’s hibiscus and if there was one thing his boss hated more than anything was anyone pinching his prized hibiscus.

Johnny was living up to his name as a sniffler as he had some inkling of what was in store for him.

From the ceiling Harry grabbed the long chain with the meat hook on the end. By now Johnny was beginning to utter the dolorous sounds of a man anticipating the approaching torture.

It was a fear he had heard about, one that he knew would do anything but fade but rather increase in intensity until he would be dead or wishing he was.

To deaden the sorrowful sounds coming from Johnny, Harry grabbed an old sock and stuffed it into his mouth. Harry was apologetic all the time saying it was nothing personal but that he was following the boss’s instructions and that in fact Harry thought Johnny was a half decent bloke.

It helped Harry thought that the sound of the rain on the roof also deadened the sound of the hapless Johnny now strung upside down in the middle of the room.

As Harry explained to Johnny it was a matter of attrition that the process they were engaged in was carried out as meticulously as possible so as to send the message to other likely hibiscus pilfers that this was the justice to be metered out. So in fact it was irrelevant that Johnny was the perpetrator as Harry’s instructions were to set an example.

The idea was that Harry would work upon Johnny and elicit as much pain and agony as possible, not enough to kill him as that would be just plain cruel. Johnny would then return home maybe a toe or two less, a finger nail a lot shorter than it was that morning and he would convey to all his friends that Harry was an adversary they would be best to avoid if they liked their digits to remain where they were intended.

The last thing Johnny remembered that night was the sound of Harry’s claw like fingers clicking as he flicked his switch blade open and shut.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/01/25/wordle-95/

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34 Responses to Wordle #95 – The Claw

  1. I love the absurdity the way the scene opens and you’ve got the image and then you find out that the whole thing is over a stolen hibiscus plant! The ending is very menacing. Great job Michael =)

  2. kim881 says:

    Oh yes, I like this!

  3. courtjester88 says:

    Brilliantly wickedly dark …. but with such a comedic touch! Great job Michael 😀

    but you do realize …. pinching Hibiscus is necessary if one wants fat-bottomed girls …. er … plants … meaning rounded, full and bushy?! 😉 … (seriously) …

    • Thank you Pat. So glad you enjoyed my darkness…lol

    • Oh and a question….just how does the hibiscus fat bottom bit work?

      • courtjester88 says:

        I’m laughing … are you serious or pulling my leg?

      • Oh Pat deadly serious I have led a sheltered life….tell me about it…

      • courtjester88 says:

        LOL – well I was referencing the subject of pinching out plants – especially “houseplants” like a hibiscus (which is sadly the only way we can keep they alive here – they preferring tropical climates) – so you know …. houseplants that are getting too leggy – branches too long and spindly – or generally the overall plant is too thin – so you pinch back (really cut cleanly with a sharp too like secateurs) at certain nodes or junctions – which then sacrifices any flowering for a bit, but forces the plant to “branch” out from the cut points – hence fat bottomed bushes … or girls …. which is of course, an indirect off the cuff tribute to the song by Queen: Fat Bottomed Girls 😉

      • Well there you go, I learn something new every day….I didn’t know that as we have hibiscus growing outside around these parts….

      • courtjester88 says:

        well presumably, since they are more rampant and comfie where you are, they would be treated much the same way as I described, except it’s for a shrub that is larger; woody stems get pruned back to much the same effect. 🙂

      • ok oh and I forget you are a bit of a gardener aren’t you…..I am very very good at cultivating weeds….

      • courtjester88 says:

        A bit of a gardener is a slight understatement (not that I’m bragging because there is always something new to learn and figure out) … but yes.

        I like weeds. Weeds are only “misplaced plants” 🙂

      • Yes well I tend to look at them not misplaced plants but plants that have earned a bad name for their unruly behaviour like refusing to grow in neat lines things like that……

      • courtjester88 says:

        great attitude to have 😉

  4. Bastet says:

    I say … one must be very careful about nipping flowers in your neck of the woods! I laughed reading this absurd tale of “vendetta” in the world of prize garden flowers.

  5. A laugher AND a smiler.
    Happy Belated Australia Day. It’s early on the 26th here, so I’m still allowed a Fosters?

  6. Lori Carlson says:

    Wickedly dark, just the way I love ’em, Michael! If this was just over a hibiscus plant, I would hate to see what kind of punishment would be dished out for something more serious!

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