Tale Weaver #47 – a Night Out – Dolores Lustford


Dolores Lustford looked once again at herself in the mirror. At this rate she thought I might wear the damn mirror out all this checking and double-checking.

Tonight was the night. She was going out on a date, with a real man not one of these pretend online dating men who said they were tall dark and handsome and turned out to be short round and butt ugly.

Her dream date had arrived in her life. Roger Hotman, her mouth salivated at the thought of him and his piercing blue eyes, his dark hair his muscles and his…NO she thought I can’t go there, not before the date at any rate…..

The telling feature of her date was going to be her stunning red stilettos. Along with her little red number, purchased after hours of deliberation, knowing this dress would show off her best qualities and she did need something to show them off, as sometimes she knew one had to look hard to see them.

As she applied, again, the finishing touches to her makeup she thought back on the many disasters she had had on previous dates. The moments when lust and motivation turned into unbelievable awkwardness and embarrassment.

Like feeling an amazing attraction towards Tony only to discover in the heat of the moment that Tony was in fact a Toni. It was disappointing she remembered in reaching for the expected bits to play with and they weren’t there.

Then there was George. George was a real charmer. He wined and dined her, took her places and spent money on expensive gifts for her. It was all looking so promising until the police showed up at her door and arrested George on charges of theft and embezzlement. He would be out in another six years she thought but dismissed that thought.

Tonight Roger was her date.

They had met over the discount table at the Dollar shop, stuff discounted to fifty cents was in great demand and Dolores was determined to get the last packet of floor polish so was pushing and shoving her way to the table only to find a hand reached for the last packet seconds ahead of her.

She expressed her disappointment and her eyes were met by those of an angel.

It was love at first sight.

His eyes bore into hers.

Hers returned the boring.

They moved away and began to talk. At first inaudible sounds of affection, apology, of wanting her to have the packet, of her refusing and then coffee, then a walk then tonight a date.

So Dolores was determined to make this date count for something.

Everything on her body was new. Shame she thought the body itself is showing a bit of wear and tear, but she concluded what could you expect when you’ve been around as long as I have. Then shuddered at the thought of her age.


Turning sideways she looked at herself noticing the effect the push-up extra padded bra was having on her profile. She wanted the pointy bits to be pointy, the flat bits to be flat, her legs to be those of a model and her shoes to be the ultimate knockout punch. No matter how much all this construction beneath her dress pained her she was determined to make a big impression.

Satisfied not much more could be done she looked at her watch as the doorbell rang.

He was on time.

As she reached for the door handle there was the one sound she dreaded, a quiet snap, maybe even a tear, but either way it was sounding disaster….she stepped back from the door……


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/tale-weaver-47-a-night-out/

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9 Responses to Tale Weaver #47 – a Night Out – Dolores Lustford

  1. Oh dear! She should call out to Roger she is slipping into something more comfortable, and to come in and have a drink when she said “enter.” Meanwhile, she can see what ripped, make repairs, or just slink out in some lingerie with the red stilettos. There’s always delivery should they get hungry for anything other than each other. Oops. I’ve finished your story.
    Great story it is (even before my ending). Loved the tale of preparation and her earlier disasters!
    Another smiler, til the rip, lol.

  2. Lori Carlson says:

    Wonderful tale, Michael… oh those dreaded rips just at the most poignant moment! I so remember those days…

  3. mj6969 says:

    😀 Well this is a true case of “you can run but you can’t hide” – LOL – no matter how much finishing and polish we layer on, the “truth will out” … and well, isn’t the truth far more desirable to begin with? Eventually all the “fancy layers” will come off – and if the lights are on – well 😉

    Fantasy is all fantastical until the panty line shrieks with laughter and rips at the seams XD

    Great take and fun prompt Michael 😀

  4. KL Caley says:

    I just wanted to leave a little note to say great job! All the build up and anticipation and then the snag at the end, like a bridget jones moment! KL ❤

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