Music Friday #22: Choose Your Own Christmas Adventure – Ribbit, Croak


Are you a witch?

A crone?

A hag?

It’s the facial features

The crooked nose, the wart,

The croaky crackling voice.

Don’t get me wrong

I have nothing against you

Just keep your distance

Your hand off your wand.

I ask, as you always know

Before I say what it is I am thinking

You know where I have been

What had for dinner

You know far too much for my liking.

You say its luck

Your good fortune

But I find it unnerving

Creepy that you know

I am sure therefore

You are a witchy bitch.


I know it wasn’t such a good thing to say

That you might take offense

But what are friends if not honest

We value that in each other

But your reaction was unexpected

Your wrath so uncharacteristic.

Or was it, should I have known?

Though I have accepted by isolation

The pond has opened my eyes

To a world of contentment

Where compliance is a way of life.

You come down every day or so,

I listen to you chat about life and love

I try to sound interested

But a feeble croak and puffy throat

Don’t appear to be doing much for you

The lady frogs in the pond though are all over me.

But despite their attentions

And they are so….hmmm…. attentive

Its you my love, only you I desire.

Ribbit, croak, ribbit, croak, ribbit, croak..


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4 Responses to Music Friday #22: Choose Your Own Christmas Adventure – Ribbit, Croak

  1. Be careful with those witchy types! But the again, we princesses have to kiss a lot of princes to find our toads, lol.

    • I think that’s the issue, the kissed frogs turning into toads rather than alluring princes…but never give up, like me you kiss enough, well lady frogs in my instance and you may strike it lucky.

      • I haven’t kissed a frog or toad lately. Weather is warm, but will probably have to wait til spring.
        When I was a young princess, I was told that playing with toads gave you warts. That was, of course, a toadist misconception. Now, I know kissing a toad won’t give me warts — fly-breathe maybe, but not warts.

      • Well I want be kissing any toads, in Queensland they have cane toads ugly beasts and pests to boot.

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