FFfAW-Week of 12-01-2015 – Aunt Jess’ Photo


The alien spaceships had hovered overhead for some time.

It was the most spectacular of landings and Aunt Jess had taken the photo you see above.

We were all mesmerised.

There were at least six of them and they all fitted into our backyard.

Aunt Jess marched out to present herself and issue whoever it was on board a hearty welcome.

A door opened and a light slipped out consumed Aunt Jess and in a flash she was gone leaving her camera behind.

From each vehicle the same happened and another family member vanished.

A voice then boomed out, “Greetings people of earth, this is your lucky day, you have been chosen as the new food source for our superior life form. Your demise will be painless and your sacrifice will be for the greater good. Have a nice day.”

In a kitchen far away a woman put the finishing touches to her sweet potato and marshmallow pie not knowing she would soon change the world.


Written for: https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2015/12/01/fffaw-week-of-12-01-2015/

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19 Responses to FFfAW-Week of 12-01-2015 – Aunt Jess’ Photo

  1. Oh my gosh Michael! The aliens have come to eat the humans! YIKES! Hahaha! I hope this doesn’t come true. LOL! Great (creepy good) story!

  2. Having just woken up, 1/2 way through my first coffee, I pondered — is the sweet potato pie woman on the other planet and our race has been reduced to marshmallows, or will the aliens, to their folly, become addicted to the treacly “delight” and thus, succumb to pie as the Martians succame to the common cold?
    After a 2nd coffee, my reading of this may change entirely.

  3. A very good story, reminds me of a quote from Spike (in Buffy) where he refers to the humans as happy meals on legs 🙂

  4. Humans top the menu until they discover the pie? Sweet potato pie saves the world, yay! I like the idea of the space ships being small enough to fit in the backyard.

  5. I like the open ending. It’s very intriguing. We know the woman making the pie will be important, but we don’t know how.

  6. mandibelle16 says:

    Hmm.. Not the greatest thing to be a good source but at least it won’t hurt. Clever last line. Great job!

  7. Deb says:

    Oh dear poor Aunt Jess…and she was just trying to be friendly! At least it was painless…too bad they didn’t have pie first…kind of like, let them eat cake!! 😉 Fun story!

  8. rogershipp says:

    A new food source???? To bad that they didn’t have a better selective process- both worlds might be better off? (Not sure that I mean it???)

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