Gut wrenching I recall

Like my body

Slammed against a wall

Wind knocked from me

I’m helpless


I stare ahead

My attacker is leering

The eyes say it all

I have you

Now suffer.

Nothing makes sense

There’s pain


I feel myself shaking

Anticipating the worst.

The lonely stares into my face

Not there I think.

I ‘m watching like in a dream

My love is led away

What crime did she commit?

She loved me

Was that wrong?

In front of me a black hole opens

I slip quietly inside.


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16 Responses to Poem

  1. That is powerful and intense writing my friend.

  2. mandy says:

    It’s sad when love is a crime, and grief and loss of love become the punishment. I’m not sure if this is where you were going with this, Michel, but that was my take-away. Very powerful.

    • I think it was more the persona feeling hard done by, wanting to vent his anger at being denied what he thought was good and healthy so love’s removal in that case does seem a punishment…..thanks for your comment, valuable as always Mandy….

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