Kreative Kue 43 – Dad


The thing I remembered was the sound of dad singing ‘On the Road Again’ every morning as we set off always looking behind to see if anyone was following.

A life on the run was exciting, as I never knew where we might be from one day to the next.

We’d arrive in a town and dad would wander around looking to see where he might launch his next elaborate scam. He also had an exit strategy for every town we visited.

I was only seven when dad started all this. He and mum had separated and so I went with dad every second week and unbeknownst to neither mum nor I, dad was a con man and so often got away with it.

He’d put me into a room in the cheapest motel he could find and disappear for hours. Sometimes it was a matter of dad coming back in the wee small hours grabbing me sometimes bedding and all and then off in the car at break neck pace.

He loved the thrill of the whole scam he was running.

It didn’t matter what it was it was the adrenalin rush he got from it.

Then we’d lay low for a few days before he found temptation so great we’d be on the move again and Willie would be singing his song as we drove off to who knew where.


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7 Responses to Kreative Kue 43 – Dad

  1. phylor says:

    Interesting childhood!

  2. phylor says:

    Some of my father’s road songs were a bit “spicy” or “non-pc” to repeat here. But hey, it’s interesting journeying on mostly dry land to the tune of … .
    Never did say – I liked your story!

  3. Lyn says:

    Poor little tacker, getting woken in the middle of the night couldn’t have been much fun. I wonder what the mum was doing all this time?

  4. It would be interesting to know what some of the man’s scams were. Presumably he always got the lad back to his mother at the end of his week.

  5. Hmm now we wonder what the scams were. 😊

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