Mondays Finish the Story – August 24th, 2015 – Little Luigi


Finish the story begins with:  “The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be…”

The town’s one and only cereal killer. Brought up in Australia he loved his wheat bix, and ate them ravenously each morning.

But one day on a full moon something odd happened and he changed from sweet and adorable to demonic.

The community became aware of this when they entered their kitchens and discovered their kitchens strewn with corn flakes, rice bubbles, fruit loops and to top it off his Aunt Betsy found her porridge which was never too hot nor too cold dripping from her pantry doors. Poor Aunt Betsy was never the same again.

Finally he came unstuck when Elsie Mansmith caught him red handed savaging a box of her nutra grain. Elsie being a part time vampire and medic, but that’s another tale, knew just how to disable Luigi.

The men in white coats arrived and carried Luigi off muttering something about ‘Iron men coming”.

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35 Responses to Mondays Finish the Story – August 24th, 2015 – Little Luigi

  1. Yinglan says:

    I had fun reading this story. Nice play on words, “cereal killer” 😀 Elsie’s story will be an interesting one to read, looking forward to reading it.

  2. Uh Oh! Poor Luigi went cereously mad! LOL! Loved the story Michael! You must be having some hunger pains. Thank you for participating in the FFfAW challenge!

  3. Sorry Michael, I was thinking it was FFfAW and it isn’t – it’s late and I’m tired, please forgive me Michael (and Barb).

  4. Valida Faire says:

    I chuckled from your first sentence–hilarious, and clever writing, especially about poor Aunt Betsy.

  5. That was hilarious, Michael. I laughed out loud. He really made a mess. What a combination, part-time vampire and medic. Not a good idea to anger Elsie. Thank goodness Luigi was safely locked away. Well done. 😀 — Suzanne

  6. veronicahaunanifitzhugh says:

    I adore puns! 🙂

  7. Needed a laugh this morning and you provided one!! The final straw was messing with the nutra grain! Well done!!!

  8. Hehehehe! Can I be a cereal killer.

  9. Lyn says:

    I’ve experienced a cereal killer lately. Went to have some wheat bix yesterday only to find the mice beat me to them and they’d left their little calling cards 😦
    You really need how to twist a story, Michael 😀

  10. phlor says:

    Oh, the cruel faith of wheat and oats!
    Made me smile — figured you would come up something good — cereal killer is great.

  11. afairymind says:

    Very amusing story, Michael. At least the cereal is now safe, with Luigi locked away! 🙂

  12. Messing with people’s cereal is serious business! Wondering about the possibilities inspired by the ending! Poor Luigi.

  13. babso2you says:

    Very funny story Michael. I was trying to come up with something witty to do with cereal, but the brain is still not functioning correctly. Thanks for sticking with me and the MFtS challenge and you be well my friend. ^..^

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