Music Friday Prompt #4 “Queen of the Night” from The Magic Flute by Mozart – The Girl and The Boy

This week we are asked to use Mozart’s ‘Queen of the Night’s ‘aria from “The Magic Flute” as the basis for a piece of writing.

The girl looked up from her screen

She’d written another thousand words

Once again tears streamed down her face.

She was, as always, writing about suffering

Her suffering

Her pain

Her lose of dignity

The theft of her childhood

The annihilation of her self.

The cause was too great to give up on

There were others out there she knew

Like her, tormented by their pasts,

Hanging onto to her words

As they drew strength and courage

To the revelations they would make

About pasts wracked with traumas

Leaving them shells of what might have been.

Across an ocean far far away

A boy looked up from his screen

What he read triggered the worst of thoughts

Accusations of inadequacies‘You’re no good, no use, buy a cat.’

He wanted to sink back into the hole he lived in

Where it was safe and where no one saw him.

But out there he knew was hope.

The girl wrote more, she needed to get her story out

Away from the shadows of her past,

Awaiting that cathartic moment of cleansing.

Despite her flaws she too had hope.

One of her mysteries in life was love

How could someone as damaged and unworthy as she

Be the source of another’s affection.

Was it a trick she asked herself?

Is this just fantasy?

To every turn, she made to distance herself

Secure every exit, slam every window

But the door to her heart remained ajar,

Awakened from enforced hibernation

One she thought permanent

It leapt at the possibility of feeling again.

The boy reflected and thought it’s impossible

I am so flawed, so damaged, so ruined

Yet there is hope where there should be none.

He cried as he contemplated his present place

Could she love him regardless of such a grotesque blemish?

Where others had scorned him

Ridiculed his version of love

She reached out, held his hand

Took him to her breast and held him tight.

Tremble not she called to him

We have both suffered the outrageous

Our innocence shattered

Our hopes dashed.

Our awakening is frightening

Stirred are long forgotten urges

Ready to be set free

Ready to be set free.

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21 Responses to Music Friday Prompt #4 “Queen of the Night” from The Magic Flute by Mozart – The Girl and The Boy

  1. Emotional writing Michael wow I could relate very much to this piece

  2. Reblogged this on Bohemian Nerd and commented:
    Immediately I felt right there in the moment–one artist reaching out the only way one can in search of community. Amazing 🙂

  3. Valida Faire says:

    WowWowWow, Michael–so beautiful, moving, and yes, so relate-able. Very nicely penned.

  4. mandy says:

    This is a made-for-the-big-screen kind of story (a box of Kleenex required), but at the same time feels very present, real. I so want to know the end of this story, Michael.

  5. Valida Faire says:

    Reblogged this on WEALTH of RUINS and commented:
    Once again I feature a piece by Michael–his compassionate heart makes me want to weep.

  6. Oliana says:

    This is truly beautiful and hopeful, Michael. You took on the voice we can hear if s young girl. Writing is cathartic indeed. Well done!!

  7. phlor says:

    Though love conquers all seems trite, as you suggest, it can across miles, lifetimes, experiences, flaws, and pasts. The internet allows such relationships to form which gives a modern feel to an age old saying.
    A wonderful piece of writing showing there is hope, there can be love.

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