Music Prompt #2 “Italian Leather Sofa” by Cake – Across the Park

I watch you across the park

You walk with grace and poise

Your slim frame fit and tanned.

Under your shirt your breasts

Bounce in greeting and temptation.

Last night you cried on my shoulder

The pressure of living getting to you

Expectations abounding, results limited.

There are days when the tide of emotion

Sends you into a crazy spin.

Today you look reassured once again

Eyes focused on your prize

Your step deliberate as if nothing will stop you

And I wonder as I watch you

If anything in that purposeful gait includes me.

It was a deliberate ploy I know to seduce me

You slid quietly into my inner sanctum

Naked you allowed the water to cascade

With mindless effort down your breasts.

I could do little but engage as you planned.

I am but human, emotional at times,

Trying to understand your ups and downs.

You lead me through a bevy of personal passions

I want and need you more and more

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Across the park I see you bounce by

Gathering the stares and glances of the unfortunate.

I smile, knowing whose bed you head towards.

As if foreshadowing a blessed outcome

I shift comfortably in my pants.

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14 Responses to Music Prompt #2 “Italian Leather Sofa” by Cake – Across the Park

  1. And I wonder as I watch you

    If anything in that purposeful gait includes me.

    This line really tugs at the heart Michael. So well done and I love the imagery of the bouncing breasts that is repeated as in the song great job!

  2. Love, love it! Who is the girl? What is their relationship, if any? You kept me hooked wanting to know how it would all play out 🙂

  3. mandy says:

    Oh my. I too would love to read how this story plays out, michael. Any chance? (Waiting with bated breath 😊 )

  4. julespaige says:

    There is both a sadness and a bit of humor to your piece.
    Reminds me of a university campus and a prof and one of his students…
    I had went in a different direction :

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