Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #76 A Night In Upper Slobobia


As far as accommodation went it was the most miserable of places.

The torn curtains I could stomach but the mildew on the walls and floor was hard to get past. I kept thinking of the millions of microbes working feverishly to create the spoors that now littered the walls and floor.

But in the kingdom of Upper Slobobia beggars could not be choosers. At least if I was lucky it wouldn’t rain overnight as I huddled in the only corner of the room that didn’t appear infested with the mildew. In the back of my mind I had visions of other more devious creatures licking their lips in anticipation of a good feed from my bodily bits.

I looked around noting the old TV staring hopelessly into the room. A quick look at it had made me realise it was there more as decoration than as a source of entertainment.

As I settled down for the night the howling of wolves penetrated the night leaving me with one more thing to worry about.

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18 Responses to Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #76 A Night In Upper Slobobia

  1. Oliana says:

    Oh my what a scary place…I enjoyed this write, Michael, and that photo is truly intriguing for a story.

  2. Valida Faire says:

    I was seriously creeped out by the mildew–more so than the wolves, I think!

  3. mandy says:

    Curious as to why you’re hanging around Upper Slobobia? The room looks a fright-actually quite a bit like a Motel 6 I stayed in once, minus the TV and wolves.

  4. Lyn says:

    Oooh yeah. Microbes and spores competing for a place in your lungs. I sure hope the sound of the wolves are all you encounter. Atmospheric writing at its best.

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