SoCS July 11/15 – Ring


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This week’s word is “ring”

Ring! Ring! Ring!


Oh Michael is it?


Joan from the Lottery Office.

Oh really?

Yes just calling to say you didn’t win anything this week.


Yes it’s a new policy to ring random losers and offer them that little bit of personal attention as I know you like everyone else in this week’s draw was looking forward to a slice of the Hundred Million if not the whole lot.

Oh well you’ve saved me looking up the results then.

Yes I have Michael and might I say the numbers you chose were looking promising before the draw.

Well thank you, but I would think they look promising every week.

Oh exactly Michael but this week I looked at them and I thought, those could be winning numbers so I crossed my fingers for you but to no avail I am afraid.

Well I appreciate your interest and your call.

Well as I said we give random players a ring each week just to console them in their misery at not having won.

What about the winners don’t you ring them too.

Oh yes Michael but they are called by the operators trained in giving good news. I’m a consoling expert. I ring losers, like you.

Oh I see. Will you call each week?

No as I said it’s a random call. We have a lot of losers each week, so chances are you may never hear from me again.

Oh ok then. I like checking my ticket each week. Until I check it there’s a chance I may have won.

Oh yes Michael there is always that chance, which is why you play isn’t it.

Well yes, I understand that I am not supposed to win.

Well yes that is true, imagine the chaos that would occur if everyone won each week. We’d be ringing our fingers off every week.

Well we wouldn’t want that.

No and I’m so pleased you are understanding. Its losers like you that make our day worthwhile. Some losers you know just cry and blubber the whole phone call.

Must be tough some days.

Oh that’s not the half of it.

Well thank you for calling.

Oh Michael my pleasure and don’t forget to buy your tickets for next week so you could in line for another random losers call.

I’ll look forward to the ring on my phone.

Of course you will, but don’t hold your breath.

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20 Responses to SoCS July 11/15 – Ring

  1. herheadache says:

    Random losers…well well…what a truly unique idea for the prompt.
    Love it. I don’t play the lottery. I will never win that way, I realize. I understand about the hope that still exists, as long as the ticket is not checked. It’s hard to lose, but would’t it be a strange thing to have someone “ring you up”, specially, to console your loss?

    • I think I’d be a bit cross it would be like having someone rub your nose in it. Thanks so much for stopping by. Actually if they did ring to say you’d won it would dramatically change your life, not necessarily for the better.

  2. This one made me laugh out loud. The don’t hold your breath line and the caller laying out their problems were wonderful. Hope we all get such a call.

  3. mandy says:

    I know they say winning the lottery is likely to make your life worse–I guess a 50/50 chance? Hmm, another gamble…and one I might try-if I gambled 😀 Great post, Michael.

  4. Hope Floats says:

    LOL I really like this. It rings very true;) Besides, actually winning would ruin the whole, anticipation, hope, dreaming thing…

  5. mj6969 says:

    Okay – here we go – another episode of *snorting* – thankfully I wasn’t drink my tea – because then it would have been rather messy!

    This was absolutely hilarious! You have such a wicked (as in awesome) imagination – the conversation /dialogue – well, just too much! What a flip on the flop side of lottery tickets and imaginary phone calls.

    Brilliant Michael! 😀

  6. RoSy says:

    LOL – I can see & hear this actually happening.
    I have gotten a winning ticket or a loser call.

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