Fiction Friday Prompt #13 – The Little Blue Bottle


Today’s prompt: write a story about a construction worker who makes a discovery of a lifetime at a construction site.

My dad worked after the war as a builder. He worked for a company who did big construction jobs and one of those was to work on the demolition of the old witches cauldron in the High Street.

Progress had caught up with the witch’s cauldron and over the years the call for magic potions and spells had fallen away and the witches, old ladies in my time, who eventually died and the business left derelict.

Dad loved working on demolition sites. He’d often bring home something he found in the rubble, an old basin, horseshoes in fact anything he thought would earn him a dollar at the trade in shop.

This time however he came home with little blue bottles he found among the debris of the old cauldron.

He sat them on a shelf in the laundry and there they sat until one day he took one down and pulled out the cork of the only corked one he had.

From upstairs it sounded like an explosion. There was the shattering of glass and we all rushed down stairs to see what had happened.

There was dad sitting on his bum, blue bottle in hand, and around his head a shower of sparkles.

As they cleared we saw something we had never seen before…. dad had a full head of hair.

He always been a baldy as a badger and would often give his skull a good rub and buff up the shine.

Now he sat there like a person we’d never seen before with a crown of the blackest hair. Admittedly it did look comical with it standing out as if it too had received the biggest of shocks…

In his numb state he just looked at us.

The bottle in his hand was corked when I got there. But in tiny letters on the side were written the words ‘Hair Restorer’.

Dad later stood in front of the mirror admiring his new head. His skull buffer he threw in the bin.

The little blue bottle was to prove dad’s way out of slugging it out on construction sites.

He only had to uncork the bottle and the air was filled with sparkles and heads once bald were then transformed into full heads of lush hair.

With the news came fame, with fame came fortune as he set up a small room in the back of the house and sold sparkles as he called them for a thousand dollars a turn.

There was always a queue waiting him each morning.

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11 Responses to Fiction Friday Prompt #13 – The Little Blue Bottle

  1. phylor says:

    It’s always great to discover something magical. Do your blue bottles contain fairy dust?

  2. DELL CLOVER says:

    Gorgeous bottles, and I could use a drop or 2, as my hair is thinning rapidly…..

  3. mandy says:

    Wow-I see the makers of Rogaine shuddering in their boots, wanting to put a lid on this! There are many collectors of these little blue bottles here in the US–I’ve got a few myself. I’ve never found one with a cork in it, but I’ll be on the look-out now. 😀

  4. loricarlson66 says:

    fantastic story, Michael… love those sparkly bits 😀 could use a few myself 😀

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