Writing Prompt #113 “Backpfeifengsicht” – Oh Malformed One


I look at you every day

Just once I wish you’d catch the next train, a later bus

That you’d sleep in and spare me this horror.

But no you haunt me

Forever in my sight

I see you in my dreams

Coming round the next corner

Your hideous demeanour

Your crooked teeth and
smelly breath

You invade every orifice

You violate the spaces in which I walk.

I would if I could expunge you

Right now

Be gone temporal devil

Manifest in human form.

No wonder women spurn you

And men steer well clear of you.

You are I know

My punishment in this self made hell

To remind me of my past sins

To make me suffer as I languish in pain.

My rejection is all your fault

Oh grotesque and malformed one

I doubt at times your human pedigree

I wonder from under what rock you have crawled.

But you are here

Sitting to my right

Smirking with delight

Twisting your ugly knife

Just enough to make me winch

And withdraw further

Isolated from others

I fear your next foray

Into destroying me more.

You are the reason for so much woe

I deal with the taunts

The threats

The humiliation

The moments ever increasing

Where doubt rules

And self disintegrates.

If I could I would you know

Punch out your lights

Rearrange your face

But then you’d only look

More monstrous than you do.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/writing-prompt-113-backpfeifengsicht/

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10 Responses to Writing Prompt #113 “Backpfeifengsicht” – Oh Malformed One

  1. DELL CLOVER says:

    Fabulous poem, yet again, Michael.

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  3. Rajat says:


  4. This is a powerful piece of writing Michael excellent job with the prompt

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