Fairy Tale prompt June 26th 2015 A Japanese Fairy Tale to inspire you – The Watchmen


This week’s prompt: write a short story or poem in which curiosity is one of the themes.

Curiosity killed the cat.

That much was plain to me when I discovered Fluffball dead beside the fern garden.

The cat was my sister’s pet and she was understandably upset at the cat’s untimely demise.

But I had looked at the dead cat and seen the cause of its death. There were tiny pinpricks in its eyes. The death marks of the Watchmen.

The Watchmen were the guards to the Fern Tree. I had planted one many years before when it was a single frond doing poorly in the nursery I discovered it in.

Now it was a gigantic tree majestic and flourishing in the centre of my fern garden.

It wasn’t long before I noticed the Tree Fern was inhabited by the aristocratic Tree Fern Fairies. Tree ferns as you know grow from the base, they spread and lose branches as they expand. As they do so the Tree Fern Fairies hollow out the inside of the tree and create a city of their own and my tree fern was just a thriving metropolis of fairy life lordered over by the majestic and noble Tree Fern Fairies.

They had a hierarchy, a chain of command that extended from the lords at the top to the lowly workers. But guarding the entire kingdom were the Watchmen.

There had been many a beast over the years that allowed curiosity to get the better of it and had been dealt with swiftly by the Watchmen.

At one stage I recall a challenge was being issued by the Bird’s Nest Fairies to take over the tree fern but this was resisted even when the Nesters as they were known came with gifts of rare jewels, exquisite foods and hand crafted cloth to present to the Fairy King who at that time was known as Mans. Mans was a very noble and much loved King, benevolent to his subjects and always open to learn more about the world around him.

He knew the Nesters and from childhood remembered them as cruel and manipulative. His own grandfather had died at the hands of the Nesters who swindled him out of his life savings and left him destitute.

Mans had become King to great applause from his subjects and had taken the beautiful Mikas as his wife. They were a much-loved couple.

Mans was never to be fooled by the Nesters and saw the malevolent glint in their eye, had forewarned his Watchmen to be at the ready.

At the appointed time Mans signalled to his Watchmen who drove the Nesters from the kingdom and drove them deep into the fernery pushing them back into the depths of the garden thus removing any threat of potential future oppression from the garden.

The Nesters though in recent times had gathered in strength and word was out that their curious selves were planning another take over.

That had necessitated the placing of a guard at the base of the tree fern and which had led in part to the death of Fluffball. The Watchmen had spears tipped with a poison that when pieced through your skin brought about an instant death. They had discovered that the eyes were the most susceptible part and made good use of that knowledge.

The current King Mans11 was like his grandfather a benevolent king, much loved and was often seen out and about with his people. He and I had become firm friends, as he was always keen to know about my world each time I entered his world.

Last week I lunched with him and discussed the possibility of me removing the birds nest ferns from the garden, as they were the source of so much unrest within the kingdom. I was reluctant to take out any ferns out as I saw them as magnificent plants and preferred Mans11 to act as he had always done so.

Last night I detected smoke coming from the fernery, a small barely noticeable signal of some dispute being addressed and I knew who would be the winner in my garden.

For some curiosity gets too much and as always its ends in tears or no eyes at all.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/06/26/fairy-tale-prompt-june-26th-2015/

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10 Responses to Fairy Tale prompt June 26th 2015 A Japanese Fairy Tale to inspire you – The Watchmen

  1. phylor says:

    Nice to read of your fairies — even if there is some nastiness going around.
    “For some curiosity gets too much and as always its ends in tears or no eyes at all.” Great ending line and you did kill the cat!

  2. mandy says:

    I’m deeply disturbed at the demise of Furball–all because of the horrible little Nesters. Seems they were due some horrible fate that would finally take care of them. Maybe a hidden little sink hole or something…

  3. milliethom says:

    A wonderful story with endearing characters – except for the diabolical Nesters, of course. Pity about Fluffball … but Watchmen will be Watchmen. King Mans wouldn’t be too happy if they slept on the job. 🙂

  4. I like your fairies so much that it aches.

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