SoCS June 20/15 – Bone


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This week’s prompt: “bone”

‘Can I have a sandwich?’ I asked.
‘In a minute,’ my aging neighbour would say.

‘Oh but I’m hungry.’

‘You have wait a bit, I have a bone in my leg.’

I was brought up with that saying as my old neighbour who was very old when I was kid would sit out in the sun and I would go over and sit with her and we’d talk about one thing and another. But as soon I asked anything that required her to get up out would come the “ bone in my leg’ statement.

She was a delightful old lady who had the same surname as me though we were Irish Catholic and she was Protestant Congregationalist.

I spent so much of my childhood in her garden or front sunroom. She had photo albums full of flood photos as I live in a place where some huge floods have occurred over the years.

We would sit for hours looking through them and she could recount stories of the great flood in ‘55, which came up under my house and rose to with two inches of the floorboards.

She was the reason I learned to spell bread because if I wanted a sandwich I had to spell bread and as I did want one, as a kid I ate constantly I am sure, bread became a word worth knowing as it meant that bone in her leg would be put to work carrying her small but round frame out into her kitchen where she would fix me a vegemite sandwich, the staple for any Australian kid.

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22 Responses to SoCS June 20/15 – Bone

  1. Sandwiches used to be my staple too. Are you now living in Australia or Ireland? (Sorry for being so forward.)

  2. The neighbor sounded like a caring person; you must have learned a lot from her.

  3. Perfect response to the prompt and great story to boot. I tried Vegemite but had to pass. Glad you had such a wonderful person who cared for you.

  4. Glazed says:

    I’ve never heard the expression, “I have a bone in my leg” before. Sounds plausible, though. I think I’ll try it on my wife, the next time she asks me to do something.

  5. phylor says:

    You had my rapt attention til the vegemite sandwich. Yuk.

  6. LindaGHill says:

    I haven’t thought of that expression in years! My mother’s best friend used to say it all the time. She was English, so it would come out, “I’ve got a bone in me leg.”
    Love Marmite, never tried Vegemite. 😛

  7. DELL CLOVER says:

    Sandwiches always work for me!

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