FFfAW Week of May 27, 2015 – My Wedding


The Church was decorated so beautifully for my wedding day. Everything had fallen into place.

The weeks of preparation were coming to fruition as the moment came to take that last walk down the aisle as a single woman.

In the bell tower my brother Matt was ringing the bell to announce not only the wedding but also to herald in the celebrations that were to follow.

It was so good to see my family around me, my friends and so many perfect strangers there to witness my finest hour.

Ahead of me at the altar stood the love of my life.

Momentarily my knees went to jelly.

The ring slid onto my finger and I was suddenly Mrs Rosemary Stubble.

Igor my handsome husband smiled at me through his broken black teeth. I was once again mesmerised by his obvious charm.

In bending to kiss him that first time as husband and wife I didn’t notice his lizard tongue until it was too late.


Written for: https://flashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.com/2015/05/26/fffaw-week-of-may-27-2015/

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36 Responses to FFfAW Week of May 27, 2015 – My Wedding

  1. Oh good lord, must she kiss him??!!! black teeth and lizard tongue…yuck!! well penned and entertaining as usual. 🙂

  2. DELL CLOVER says:


  3. Nortina S. says:

    OK, that ending literally just made me gag! (although I don’t think Mrs. Stubble seemed to mind) Reminds me of the scene in the Parent Trap (the one with Lindsey Lohan) when the lizard crawls into Meredith’s mouth. Classic!

  4. Great story Michael. I wasn’t prepared for that ending and it was brilliant! Yikes! 😮

  5. Donna says:

    Oh no a lizard tongue…scary stuff

  6. That’s absolutely terrible, to find that out on your wedding day! O boy.

  7. phylor says:

    That’s why we were married by a judge! We only needed two witnesses.
    Great twist at the end. Igor could be an ET who zapped the bride with his ray gun . . .

  8. Sonya says:

    Yikes, that sent a shiver down my spine. Mind you, ‘his obvious charm’ made me laugh 🙂

  9. luckyjc007 says:

    Terrific story! I was suspecting something different at the end of the story, but certainly not that!
    Time for her to rush down and get an annulment!

  10. milliethom says:

    Oh my goodness, what has she married? By the time I got to her new name, and the name of Igor, I knew something fishy was going on. I must confess that lizard-like didn’t occur to me. I wish them a happy marriage, with lots of little lizard-like offspring! lol A great story, Michael – highly amusing and certainly entertaining.

  11. Ameena k.g says:

    Hahaha OH MY GOD! That last line got me 😀 ,I wasn’t expecting it at all. What a great ending.

  12. afairymind says:

    Eek! That wedding ceremony just lost it’s perfection, I think! Great story, with a very unexpected ending. 🙂

  13. mandibelle16 says:

    Ewww lizard tongue! Don’t know about those black teeth either.

  14. naturelover says:

    The story starts with a beauty.There is a charm and softness in its opening.
    By the time I read “black teeth”, I feel something strange going to happen but I was not expecting this ending.
    Really a masterful job!

  15. Creatopath says:

    Gross! Black teeth and lizard tongue! Great twist at the end.

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