Journal Monday Prompt #7 – Playing with Words


Today’s prompt is to write about your passion……

I am living my passion in a manner of speaking that is.

I love to play with words.

I think I have been doing so for a lot of my life.

As a teacher of drama I wrote a lot of material for my students…there was always something exciting in looking at the written word and deciding how best to perform it. Then so often it was an edit here and there and a constant attitude that you continued to work on your words even up until the day of performance.

Even when the dreaded exam supervision came around and I was required to sit in a room with some kid who needed his/her own space I’d find a piece of paper and write on it…..

Now I am no longer a teacher my audience has changed. I have discovered that I write best when I perceive an audience. For example I know there will be people who will read this, some of my own readers, Lori and I anticipate a few others who may wonder what this blogger is on about.

I love to take on writing challenges. I don’t do everything that comes past me but I do select the ones that will afford me the greatest challenge.

For example I have just now finished what is for me the Monday wordle, for others it’s probably the Sunday wordle but as I live in the future I am always a day ahead of every one else.

I like the wordle prompt, as there is always a word in the list that is challenging. Today it was ‘stria’:

1 a linear mark, slight ridge, or groove on a surface, often one of a number of similar parallel features.

2 Anatomy any of a number of longitudinal collections of nerve fibers in the brain.

Each week there is the challenge for me to find a way of using obscure words such as ‘stria’ in my story.

The other thing that happened to me is I have developed a passion for writing fairy tales. Each Friday in my part of the world a fairy tale prompt comes up and I am into it with great enthusiasm even when the prompt has me flummoxed I generally work out a way of attacking it.

To add to my enthusiasm for this genre my son who is an artist is keen to try and illustrate some for me as some of my readers have suggested I try and publish them. Time will tell on that score but it could be a fascinating project to undertake.

Now days I co-host the Tale Weaver prompt on Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie. This comes out each Thursday and we try to present interesting challenges to your writers. A shameless ad I know but come over sometime and see what is on offer.

So there, my passion, words and what I can do with them. I am not perfect and never will be but that is the beauty of writing, always searching for effective ways to group words together to as to make some coherent sense to others.

Thank you for reading my story.

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16 Responses to Journal Monday Prompt #7 – Playing with Words

  1. loricarlson66 says:

    delightful, Michael! I love that you taught drama… what an excellent exercise that must have been to write words that the audience will hear and understand… no wonder you are such an excellent poet and storyteller! Thanks for the pingback to my prompt and thank you again for showing me an excellent example of passion 🙂

  2. Oliana says:

    You can see the passion you had as a teacher in your writing, Michael. And you are a gifted writer and so much fun to read.But I might add that you not only write with passion but read the fruits of other bloggers with passion. Your visits are always a treat I am sure to many bloggers here. And now I have discovered a new prompt blog too:) reminds me a bit of Dear Emma.

  3. The editing is the ban of writing but I love to play with words and express myself too.

  4. DELL CLOVER says:

    Marvelous! I too live my passion in writing words–it never disappoints.

  5. loricarlson66 says:

    Reblogged this on The Rattling Bones and commented:
    Wonderful journal piece on Monday’s Journal prompt “passion”

    Please leave comments on Michael’s blog. Comments here are closed.

  6. mj6969 says:

    the passion to play – to learn, to satisfy curiosity, to stimulate and to challenge others, in a manner of warmth and sharing – that in itself is beautiful – which is probably why your works and writings are so popular and filled with many different voices! A wonderful passion Michael – and I’m glad that I’m one of the readers, one of the inspired, and one who chooses to play along with you 😀

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