Poetry Prompt Wednesday #7 – Promises


For today’s prompt, write a “promise” poem. It could be a promise you keep, or one someone asks you to keep. It could be a promise you make to your future self, or a child, a parent?

Promises promises I have heard them all

Gonna do this, gonna do that,

Take you here, take you there.

In the end it’s all disappointment.

You suffer the let down

Of adults and idle promises.

We’ll go here and there

I thought it was real,

But it was frivolous adult chat.


But to the impressionable

Up there with God’s word.

I struggle through life on the back of promises

Marriage promises going one way

Relationship serving a limited purpose.

In the end you look back

Reflect on what you have become

Make finally the only sensible decision:

I promise to be me.

Written for: https://therattlingbones.wordpress.com/2015/05/20/poetry-prompt-wednesday-7/

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7 Responses to Poetry Prompt Wednesday #7 – Promises

  1. loricarlson66 says:

    That is a great response to the prompt, Michael… I agree, sometimes the only promises worth keeping and seeking are the ones to ourselves 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. loricarlson66 says:

    Reblogged this on The Rattling Bones and commented:
    A wonderful response to today’s Poetry Prompt… a profound lesson at the end!

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  3. milliethom says:

    Poignant, Michael. Life is so full of broken promises – made to us but never kept. I suppose we have to put them all behind us and realise that they’re all part of life’s processes that make us who we are now. Lovely and meaningful last line.

  4. phylor says:

    The most important promise is the one you make to yourself to “be me.” You can make promises to other people, but they can break those promises for you.

  5. mj6969 says:

    Then make the only decision that sits well with you / I promise to be me.

    Nailed that right here! Nothing more – nothing less will do.

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