Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #67 – Waiting


Kangbashi’s Linyinlu Square.

We stood and waited and then waited some more.

It can get lonely in the centre of an empty square.

They said it could stand a hundred thousand people.

We both thought it would be far more than that.

We discussed the pros and cons of waiting.

Waiting was a fact of life we both agreed.

And he did say he’d be here.

We both thought we owed him that.

To wait I mean.

Be counter-productive to leave when he might turn up at any minute.

We amused ourselves with games of I spy.

But bored of that we inspected the horses.

Prancing horses always intrigued me.

I walked around then I walked around again.

My companion just stood there gawking at them.

They were big horses.

We assumed they were of significance in Mongolian culture.

We thought Genghis Khan rode one once.

Our wait allowed us to wander from one side to another.

All the time looking over our shoulder in case he came.

We didn’t want to miss his arrival.

After all we’d come a long way.

And the wait was going to be worth it

We hoped…..

Across the square rolled a very large tank…..

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11 Responses to Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #67 – Waiting

  1. you painted a lovely picture with your words.

  2. RoSy says:

    I would be soooooo impatient.

  3. phylor says:

    Wow, didn’t see the political statement coming! Shades of Tiananmen Square. Tension and questions — waiting for tank, waiting for Square tour maven, waiting for . . . ?

  4. AR Neal says:

    Very nice! The piece captures anticipation, longing, and so much more.

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