Inspirational Sunday Prompt #6 – The Cursing Man


It was true

Miracles didn’t happen,

You had to believe

For God moves in mysterious ways.

He moved a few feet away from the draught,

A fellow occupant bellowed a curse

One that if it eventuated

Would bring the world to an end

But then again in this place

Curses flowed like water some days.

The preacher was here again

Living he said is about forgiveness.

The guys insane he thought

When you have nothing

And everything as taken from you

Forgiveness is hard.

The Cursing Man cries out again.

He moves towards him

Drags his dirty blanket over the man.

The man grunts and falls asleep.

He thinks of his pact with the devil

To seek retribution.

He reflects daily now

And as time passes

He recognises the futility of his dream.

He’s seen men go crazy

Unable to accept they were once men.

The Cursing Man mumbles in his sleep

He moves himself closer to him

Body heat is a useful commodity

The Cursing Man was once a man

Tomorrow he’ll enjoy the sunrise

They’ll sit together as they do

Share a crust or two

The Cursing Man will tell him

The story of his life.

He will laugh at the funny parts

Watch with contentment

The Cursing Man reliving past glory

Forever happening in his head.

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10 Responses to Inspirational Sunday Prompt #6 – The Cursing Man

  1. loricarlson66 says:

    Wow… great poem! very intriguing… prison? purgatory? and if the one made a pack with the devil, why the kindness to the The Cursing Man? Ohhh you’ve got me thinking on this one Michael! That’s a good thing!

  2. mj6969 says:

    This seems to play off the MLMM prompt very well. Clearly you were in a certain frame of mind as you wrote – and this too, is a wonderfully fascinating and well written piece Michael. 🙂

  3. RoSy says:

    Awww… I REALLY REALLY like this one!

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