Creative Expressions #15. Inspiration and creativity – Final Reflection on Inspiration


I have always found it interesting to reflect on what inspires me to write.

Often it has had to do with a perceived audience. When I was writing for students I had particular students in mind for various character and that often made it easier to write that way.

But now days I don’t have that luxury.

As a blogger I am pretty much on my own often speculating as to who my audience might be.

But I think I have changed my attitude to writing in recent times. I tend to write to satisfy me.

I approach most tasks in that way. If you read and like what I write then that is a bonus.

Every time I write now I set out to explore something. Usually it is how I perceive a prompt, then how I want a character to appear, then finding the words that convey my idea in some sort of cognitive way.

Everyday I look for something to write about. It’s the challenge that is immediate and I love applying myself to discovering if I can make enough sense to publish.

There are some prompts that I love to explore. Each Friday the Fairy-tale prompt comes out on Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie and for me this is a great challenge. I think because I don’t see any boundaries in writing fairy tales, you can go anywhere and do almost anything.

That I have set most of mine in my backyard has meant I can say what I like as it also creates another dimension to my stories when I sometimes publish a photo from my garden.

I think that more often than not I set out to entertain myself and my stories always contain some sense of me, my sense of humour or a stance I want to take over some issue I have an opinion about.

Finally I am inspired by other writers, one of the benefits of blogging is to read so many wonderful writers and attempt to digest their skill be it in poetry or prose.

I would never say writing is an easy task. I have my moments of frustration where I walk away after I realise what I am writing is going nowhere. But the challenge is always there to put my take on an image or expression, to explore my own creativity and produce some random words so placed in an order that makes sense to both you and me.

This is the last of the Creative Expressions prompts and I am sad to see them go but along the way I have enjoyed participating and writing my take on each of Caerlynn’s challenges. I wish to thank her for this opportunity.

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5 Responses to Creative Expressions #15. Inspiration and creativity – Final Reflection on Inspiration

  1. Lyn says:

    Your fairytales are always a pleasure to read, Michael. Blogging is great, and there are so many great writers out there.

  2. mandy smith says:

    This was very interesting, your writing process,Michael. I always wonder what it’s like to be your kind of writer, or a poet. Beautiful prose and poetry, outside of my realm. I just write thoughts. Not literary, not beautiful words, images. . . I’m glad something still interests you in my simplicity. I hope one day I can explore creative writing and make stuff up. 😀

  3. RoSy says:

    “But I think I have changed my attitude to writing in recent times. I tend to write to satisfy me.”

    Keep on writing how you do. I LOVE it! 😉

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