Mondays Finish the Story – March 9th, 2015 – The Visit


Finish the story begins with: “On March 9th, 2015, three objects were reportedly seen in the skies over the Borracho Todos los Tiempos Vineyards.”

They landed in the yard behind our place. Three spherical space ships.

Three small green men appeared and looked around. They spied us watching over the fence. They spoke a language that sounded to us like a series of grunts, clicks and slurps.

Then getting only quizzical responses they took out a weapon and zapped Johnny. Johnny looked stunned and then began speaking their language.

From then on it was all very cordial. We gave them a cup of tea, some of mum’s lamingtons and a kick of Jacko’s footy.

They said they were passing by and thought they’d drop in. We said they could come any time.

They left us with a memory we shan’t forget and promise to return and take us for a ride.

Johnny was excited as he now saw himself as being able to speak a second language.

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44 Responses to Mondays Finish the Story – March 9th, 2015 – The Visit

  1. That would be cool… Zap another language ☺️

  2. latasun says:

    Cool way to learn a new language! And peaceloving visitors too!

  3. Anita says:

    New language that he won’t forget! Will be helpful to communicate when they visit next!
    Interesting one!

  4. Sonya says:

    I’m glad the aliens have found a better use of guns than humans. I’d offer them a cuppa, too 🙂

  5. mandy smith says:

    This brings back memories of back in the 60’s, when UFO’s were all the rage, and news stories of people mysteriously missing. We were all convinced it was the “little green men.” Every time we saw a light in the sky…I guess we never thought about what we’d do with the new language–we wouldn’t be coming back. o_O

  6. babso2you says:

    Another wonderful story there Michael! I like the device that makes them speak the alien language! 🙂 One thing to note…Your first sentence after the opening line…should it be our rather than out? Thank you for participating and stay tuned for next week’s MFtS challenge! Be well… ^..^

  7. I apologize, I always called you Tommy and your name is Michael. This is a great story. I love how they could suddenly speak their language and they all became friends.

  8. RoSy says:

    I only speak two languages. If I could be zapped to learn more – I would so love it. I think it would be wonderful to know all of the languages in the world & be able to communicate with anyone – anywhere at any time.

  9. At last, friendly aliens. I always argue that if they were intelligent enough to build a ship and visit Earth, then they are obviously evolved enough (if that makes sense) to understand that violence does not solve anything (also why would they destroy something that they may wish to take over?).
    Also, it would be brilliant if this is how we could learn new languages!

  10. julespaige says:

    If only speaking a second language could be so easy…
    Many happy returns. Just don’t let ’em in the fern garden.

  11. John Yeo says:

    Terrific way to break down barriers wherever you go ~ Shoot first then ask questions afterwards ~ Peace Michael another great piece ~

  12. Lyn says:

    I love friendly aliens – not that I’ve ever met one (although I did see a UFO when I was about 8), but it’s much nicer to think of them as friendly. Probably just as well they served them tea and not wine. Who knows what might have happened 🙂

  13. Prajakta says:

    This is cool… And I like the idea of picking up another language 🙂

  14. tnkerr says:

    A language like that would open up new frontiers in poetry. I’d have to write. Even if I were the only one reading it! Until the little green guys come back anyway. Do you think they left books???

  15. draliman says:

    It’s nice to meet some friendly aliens for a change! I hope Johnny doesn’t put “fluent in alien” on his CV, though 🙂

  16. milliethom says:

    How nice of the aliens to call to say hello. And tea-drinking, laminton-eating, football-playing aliens, too. Well, it seems they really enjoyed their stay. A lovely story which definitely gave me a giggle. 🙂

  17. Dave says:

    Well, the intergalactic peace talks should be easy, since we’ve got a translator beam!

  18. afairymind says:

    Good story. 🙂 I love the idea of them just calling in to say ‘Hi’ and I really wish it was that easy to learn a second language! I spotted a couple of typos I thought I’d point out – I think they probably ‘gave’ rather than ‘have them a cup of tea’ and they were left with memories they ‘shan’t’ rather than ‘shalt forget’. 🙂

  19. Susan Langer says:

    Great story. If it was only that easy to learn a language. 😄

  20. EagleAye says:

    I like that. Why can’t aliens zap me with an interstellar language teacher. I’d like to learn Gaelic. Sometimes the aliens are cool. This is a great idea and a lot of fun.

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