Fairy Tale February 27th 2015, “Atlantis” – Letter

Imagine that you are on a quest to find Atlantis and you really find it. How would it look like? What kind of people are living there, is there magic? Is there a religion? Try to write a story about your discovery of Atlantis.

Dear Kris,

I know where it is.

Through the ferns in the photo below you’ll find the portal to Atlantis.

Fairchild-tropicalforestI’ve known about it for some time. It is a corner of my garden behind the bird’s nest ferns and so well disguised it was by accident that I found it.

Its not the sort of discovery you tell people about mainly because the Atlantians have asked me not to. They placed the portal where it is to protect themselves from as they put it: ‘Human greed.’

I go there every now and then. I have to make request to the fern fairies who in turn convey my request to the gate keeper who then determines if the a visit is in order or not.

It is the most amazing of places. You come through the portal into a landscape that feasts your eyes on the most picturesque of scenes. Wide-open streets, busy, always busy with commerce and trade. The inhabitants are a mix of people from a wide variety of places. Some resemble people you know, some are as you imagine aliens, some are simply unique.

For me the Alabaster folk are the most alluring.

d90f09ccd2b3a990c89615031e574071They are tall and elegant, they speak a strange language of clicks and slurs, which flow from their delicate mouths with a fluency that is captivating.

I have no idea as to what they are saying but their vocal intonations and complete lack of any identifiable phonetic sounds make them all the more fascinating.

They run a series of cafes in the city of Atlantis and let me say their version of a café latte is to die for.

My visits are always accompanied by Partnell Ollifoot, my liaison with Atlantis. Only through Partnell am I allowed anywhere in the city and I am sure there are places he will never show me but as they have ascertained I am no threat to them they are happy to allow me into the places Partnell takes me. There is only one stipulation that I take nothing back with me. The last thing they want and me as well is any indication of their location by me slipping up and leaving a clue.

Moving a portal is a harrowing ordeal and Atlantis has been moved a few times from ancient times and they don’t want to have to go through that discomfort again too soon.

Today having written this to you has whetted my appetite to visit again. The fern fairies have taken my request and now I await an invitation into Atlantis.

Please read this letter and pass on my love and best wishes to Aunt Margaret. She likes to know about such things.


Your cousin


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/02/27/fairy-tale-february-27th-2015-atlantis/

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32 Responses to Fairy Tale February 27th 2015, “Atlantis” – Letter

  1. I enjoyed this letter to your cousin, Michael, and could hear that special language and slur of that tall alien but what I find the most appealing of course is the café latté…ah, sounds blissful.

  2. Your little fern corner has many many things going on in it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have such treasures in our back yards.

  3. Lyn says:

    Oh no! You told your cousin Kris about them. Something tells me there’s going to be trouble over that. (whispers)..You weren’t supposed to say anything. Partnell Ollifoot is not going to be pleased.
    Have I said how much I enjoy your fairy tales?

  4. Jess says:

    I like your idea of using a secret portal to Atlantis. Wonderful read.

  5. Wonderful read, Michael 🙂 you took me to another world, cheers!

  6. Dear Michael,

    What a story you have told me here. It’s really amazing … be sure your secret is safe … I will never talk about this with someone. Wow …. you have Atlantis in your fern … I am flabbergasted … thank you for sharing,

    your cousin,


    • Dear Kris,
      I knew you are a man of integrity and a keeper of secrets.
      Thanks so much for keeping my secret, if it gets out there’s no telling how many will turn up here wanting to get in.
      With thanks
      Your cousin

  7. What a captivating delight I love that you’ve written it as a letter. Your garden is full of wonders =)

  8. mandy smith says:

    I believe there is magic in every garden, Michael. This one sounds worth protecting it’s privacy. 🙂

  9. I want to live with the Alabaster people!

  10. julespaige says:

    Wonderful picture. I’m thinking though, that the portal might have to be moved if the cousin knows anything at all. Maybe Aunt Margaret knows a tad too much too 😉

    Thanks for stopping by my place 🙂

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