Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #60 – The Chat


Image: Anatomical model. Doctors were not allowed to touch women’s bodies so they would point to describe pain locations

My son its time for a chat.

A chat Father?

A chat, only a father can have with his son.

I do have questions.

Well I ‘ve brought along my lady in a box to help with any issues you may be having.

Oh good.

Now I’ll show you things to make your hair curl.

Oh Father what is that?

It’s a woman.

Are they all that gruesome?

Yes unlike your mother they are gruesome.

I’m glad mother isn’t.

So am I.

What’s that bit there?

Woman bits.

I’m shocked.

You check your own bits?

Every day.

Good boy.

It’s fun.

It’s supposed to be fun.

Do women have fun?

Sadly no.

Father what are these bits here?

Bottom bits my boy and never go there except under cover of dark.

Have you?

Only once.

Horrible was it?

Unimaginable. I’ve lived with its shame.

This chat Father has come at the right time.

It has?

The maid flutters her eyes at me.

Temptation, resist it my son resist.

Oh I will Father but sometimes it’s so hard.

Get to the bathhouse and stand under the cold water.

It will fix it?

Every time.

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9 Responses to Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #60 – The Chat

  1. Haha that made me laugh at the end, great x

  2. Lyn says:

    Oh my goodness. So funny Michael, so funny. I’m surprised he has a son.

  3. Too funny, well done Michael 😊

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