Creative Expressions #10: Snow


When the first snow arrived there was great excitement.

Children rushed to the windows to watch in silence as the white flakes fluttered to the ground.

Being from the northern climes my family saw the snow as a novelty. We witnessed great frosts in the weeks before; whole trees silver each morning, the river frozen over and spectacular icicles hanging from the fences.

By the time the snow came it was the beginning of spring. The peach and apple trees had begun to bud and the wonder of the snow settling upon the blossoms was one I shall always remember.

The southern winter was new to us. That it lasted nine months of the year was a challenge. The babies’ nappies hung out over night would often be frozen solid and there were a few days when I would come home during the day to flush the toilet because the water pipes had been frozen.

On only a few days in the years we lived there was there a snowfall to talk about. One time people built snowmen, a mate and his kids built an igloo, and the kids at the school rolled a snowball a metre plus in diameter.

For me snow is a distant thing, it happens in other places, I see it on the TV, I read bloggers complaining about shovelling it.

I’ll settle back in my shorts and singlet and appreciate the world I live in, hot, muggy with occasional rain.

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22 Responses to Creative Expressions #10: Snow

  1. Boo hoo!! jealous here by the way but a lovely write about the “first” snowfall is liked even here.

  2. What a stunning photo did you take it? I was caught at frozen nappies hah ouch!!! Not pleasand

  3. Lyn says:

    I often think it would be nice to have a white Christmas here — just once. Just for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 🙂

  4. We do live in the lucky country, with a reasonably good climate..well not so much Melbourne ..and I hate the snow.

  5. RuthsArc says:

    Lovely contrast of winters you have know and where you are now. It is fascinating to be part of a global blog community and see, read about everyones different circumstances and experiences.

  6. mandy smith says:

    Stories of snow bring back memories of growing up in Montana, Michael. I am not, have never been, a fan of the cold. And yes, it lasted up to eight or nine months of the year. I walked to school for years alongside snow drifts three times my height. In Oregon, when a few flurries fly (about once a year) I panic. (And everyone’s jumping for joy at the sight of the snow is completely lost on me!)

  7. Caerlynn Nash says:

    Nice. You almost made me like winter again until the part about shoveling it! 🙂 Actually, I do like winter until about late January. Then I start looking forward to March and April and spring! We’ve gotten an entire winter’s worth of snow in about two weeks. Enough already! Maybe next week, we’ll daydream of warm summer days.

  8. RoSy says:

    Winters & snow are overrated…

  9. mandy smith says:

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention– I love the name Joey.

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