SoCS February 14/15 – Attach/ Attachment


Today in Australia it is February 14 Valentines Day.

This morning at the shops there was a huge Valentines Day display with flowers all highly priced but packaged appropriately for the occasion.

I couldn’t help but notice one man who was wandering round the display trying to decide which was the most appropriate and which one was his tended receiver of said flowers deserving of.

My first thought was that I am glad I don’t have that pressure any more.

I am not attached to Valentine’s day, its just another day for me as I don’t receive any and now days I don’t have to think about it in trepidation when considering the expectations put upon me in past years.

You could say I was attached for a long time. Then unattached then attached and shortly there after unattached again.

I feel I have had my moments in the sun, though for me more with a looming storm on the horizon, and no longer crave such things.

Well I could say that but I would be lying.

I think we all have a need for attachment in one form or other. Be it through lovers or family or friends we find it hard to go through life unattached, it goes against our basic human need for attachment.

I am lucky to be attached to a wonderful family, I have children who call and chat with me over all sorts of things, who invite me places, who come and have dinner with me, who ring up, quite often, asking me to get stuff for them.

Love is what makes life so worthwhile. Being with a lover is a wonderful feeling. I do recall such an attachment.

But I would enjoy even more telling them that I loved them every day not just singling out one day in the year to make some sort of effort in that regard.


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15 Responses to SoCS February 14/15 – Attach/ Attachment

  1. Lovely post. I enjoyed your openness in it and also agree with you about how love should be expressed regularly, not just on one particular day. Great use of the SoCS post. Happy Valentine’s day! 🙂

  2. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    So true, Michael. When the kids were little, I liked having a few hours so their father and I could go have a nice quiet dinner…nothing fancy…jsut without the kids was nice…a box of chocolates and a card usually got me more upset because there was no affection along with it…everyday should be valentine’s day just showing you care is more real.

  3. Lyn says:

    I’m with you, Michael. “I love you” should be said at all times and on all occasions. Attached for 7 years, unattached for 38, I’ve forgotten all about Valentine’s day. Although I did get flowers for Valentine’s Day about 15 years ago…from my son-in-law. He didn’t want me to miss out, bless him.

  4. Many years ago, now, my divorce was granted on Valentine’s Day. When I mentioned the irony in this to the judge, he frowned and mumbled something about contempt of court and shooed me out of his courtroom. I don’t think he was happily married. For me, St. Valentine’s Day was changed forever.

  5. JoAnne says:

    I remember trying to lie to myself about no longer craving such things. I accepted the longing even though I didn’t like it and wanted to be free of it. With the acceptance, the longing softened a little. I’m glad you have a loving family. Regardless of what our popular culture suggests, all forms of love are valuable and important. And I agree that every day as equal potential for love.

  6. RoSy says:

    Love should def be something we see & share on the regular. But – if a day is reserved to remind us of that – it’s all good. 😉

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