“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Do What You Love


Five thirty, still dark

First light is another thirty minutes.

Then it’s out the door.

My morning walk

I love this time of day

I love what the walk does for me.

It’s down the street,

Past the houses of my childhood

All sleeping as I step by.

Under the railway, a coal train roars by overhead

Then along to the highway

The Bowling Club’s illuminated sign

tells time, temperature and the weekend’s entertainment.

Down past the primary school

Cleaner’s working heads down bums up

preparing for the days teaching and learning.

The railway bridge steps tax me.

I greet Maggie with her white Labrador

The healthiest dog I see each morning.

Then the long walk up the hill through the park

While a thousand birds chorus the morning.

I reach the train station

Workers lining up for the 6.45.

Their faces betray their moods

Some excited, most resigned to the day.

I stride away from that scenario

My life is pretty much my own now.

I make it to the shops

The paper shop its usual busy self,

The coffee shop about to open

The bakery thriving this early.

Then it’s back towards home

I greet Fay who walks every morning

A retired lady returns my pleasantries.

As I draw near home my body tells me

You have walked a fair distance

Time to rest, recover.

It doesn’t get any easier I tell myself

Just some mornings are easier than others.

I turn into my street

Saying hello to the lady with three arms.*

At home I sit for a while

Water bottle in hand

I meander through my garden

Pull out a weed or two

Cut a rose for the kitchen.

This time of day is mine

Its what I love to do.

Written for: https://justfoolingaroundwithbee.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/love-is-in-da-blog-do-what-you-love/

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10 Responses to “Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Do What You Love

  1. mandy smith says:

    Sounds like a perfect way to start a day, Michael.

  2. RuthsArc says:

    Lovely words. I felt that I was walking along with you.

  3. morgaine620 says:

    Reading this felt like I walked with you 🙂 I used to deliver newspapers in Germany which had to be delivered by 6am. I loved it to be out and about in the early morning hours even in the cold season as it was “my” time as well. Thanks for sharing!

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