Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #55 – Liniment


You rub it on said the brochure.

Dad bought it as a liniment he rubbed into his aching calf muscles. Best stuff ever he said.

Dad never paid any attention to the glow that appeared on his sheets each night after using it. He was only concerned that his aches went away.

He had come home one Friday night after going to the pub, with a bottle of this stuff he was given by and mate who bought it from a another bloke in the back bar of the pub.

A week later dad was home in bed too crook to go to work. The doctor was called and noticed the bottle of liniment beside his bed.

The doctor in his usual caring way told dad about the dangers of using radioactive substances, but it was too late for him.

His last days were spent in isolation with us using a Geiger counter each day to assess the radioactive levels in the house.

Needless to say the liniment was disposed of and dad had to suffer his aches and pains along with his radio activeness.

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7 Responses to Scribe’s Cave Picture Prompt #55 – Liniment

  1. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Great take on this prompt…the advantage was he did not need a light to read in bed:)

  2. I watched a doco the other night about what caused deaths in the Edwardian era. They actually took and placed many substances in and on themselves which caused their deaths. Radium was one of them. Scary stuff. Hope this was fiction!

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