Summer Camp – Writing Prompt # 87 December 28, 2014


The camp director sat back

High above the camping ground

Rubbed his hands with glee

As he viewed the list

With every child’s name.

All that sugar and spice

And all things nice

Mixed together with the

Sticks and snails

And puppy dogs tails

What a time he would have

He grinned to himself

If only they knew what was to come.

He watched buses arrive

Spew out the willing

Who milled around

Full of excitement and expectation.

Summer camp would never be the same

He would make sure of that.

In a secret place, away from the camp

A large pot steamed

With patience towards boiling.

The bubbling sang it’s own song

In tunes of spells and concoctions

Passed down over time

From director to director.

Each held its own form of magic

From which there was never any return.

At the end of the six week camp

Parents came to collect their charges

Found them tired

Found them heartless

Found them bereft of most things human.

But being parents and doting ones

They were happy to have their child back home

Happy to see the camp a success

Their sons and daughters compliant and quiet

They failed to notice nor really cared

When their children never slept,

Never ate the same.

The camp director licked his lips

Settled back in his luxurious chair

Reflected a moment on the camps success

Sipped once more the nectar he loved

Cast an eye over his spoils

There’s enough he thought

Till the next summer camp.

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19 Responses to Summer Camp – Writing Prompt # 87 December 28, 2014

  1. How creepy and menacing is this! Fabulous job Michael!

  2. Er-meh-gawd! Creeped me out young man! Well done you!

  3. Prajakta says:

    This was so chilling!! Winter nights and such tales go hand in hand… ironically about summer camps.

  4. Creepy, chilling write, Michael–in all you left unsaid. And that, I think, is what makes it so effective. I have to check out these prompts!

  5. Oh my this is so creepy and scary!! I’ve never gone to summer camp as a child, my mother never wanted to let us go away …she loved having us around and was afraid she would miss us too much…My kids went a few times but I preferred to have them at the lake with us…plenty of kids to play with there.

  6. This is like a horror film. Shudderingly creepily good.

  7. Augh! Those poor children!

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