Creative Expressions #5: Photo (Christmas Memories) – Suzy Noshoes


Suzy Noshoes dreaded Christmas.

Each year it was the same. Hide away in her room; pretend that out on the street the joy of others wasn’t really happening.

Suzy lived a poor life, managing enough to eat each day was a goal, celebrating Christmas; splurging out was never a consideration. This year would be as previous years. Doors locked her head in a book. Books she did have, it was amazing what you find at the dump and in peoples bins.

She had found a copy of A Christmas Carol and it became her Christmas each year.

Her front door firmly locked, she settled herself into Mr Dickens’ story when she heard a knock on her front door. No one knocked on her door on Christmas Day.

On step stood Michelle from next door, a likeable soul Suzy left if not a little vague at times.

In Michelle’s hand was a plate. It contained a Christmas dinner.

‘Merry Christmas Suzy,’ said Michelle. ‘ I thought you might like a little Christmas cheer this year. We have plenty, I know you are alone and you prefer to be alone today but maybe we can share some of our dinner with you.’

Suzy accepted the plate and mumbled a thankyou for she was very overcome with Michelle’s generosity.

Suzy sat at her dining table, the plate of food before her, before eating she thought of the kindness of strangers, never once thinking one lived next door.

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8 Responses to Creative Expressions #5: Photo (Christmas Memories) – Suzy Noshoes

  1. Oh Danny Boy says:

    Indeed a good neighbor. Some live their lives not even knowing the people next door or across the street. Cheers!


  2. Oh, so true that we don’t really know people. Or worse, we make assumptions about people. Everybody has a story. Well written!

  3. Sometimes we don’t reach out and if we did, we would perhaps find joy and friendship. Nice tale Michael.

  4. Beautiful and touching story.

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