OpenLinkNight – November 2014 – The Unthinkable


It’s thrilling when the unorthodox

Triumphs over the orthodox.

I watched you as a boy playing

Toying with opposition bowlers

Your flashing bat smashing the ball

The boundaries around the field.

I suffered your disappointments

Celebrated your successes

The youngest player in history

To score a hundred in both innings of a test match.

The roller coaster ride of your play

In the team then out again

Four times I was told

But you never lost faith.

Then this week the unthinkable

A ball you have played a thousand times

Got through

Struck you

Felled you.

We hung on for two days in hope

Then the announcement

News, which shattered the cricket world.

Your death mourned by so many

No cricketer spared,

For there by the grace of God go I.

This week has seen the death of Phillip Hughes, a 25 year old cricketer who died after being struck by a ball during a state game in Sydney. His death has had a profound effect on the cricketing world. I wrote this poem after reading Charlie Alford’s poem this morning:

 around the country people are leaving their bats out on their front verandas or in front of their house as a tribute to this remarkable young player.


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25 Responses to OpenLinkNight – November 2014 – The Unthinkable

  1. Gabriella says:

    I read about this young man’s death but had no idea he was so popular. I like the bat in front of people’s houses as a tribute to this player. Your poem is another fine tribute. “It’s thrilling when the unorthodox / Triumphs over the orthodox.” – so true, so true!

    • Thanks Gabriella the impact on our lives has been devastating, when so many of us have played the game and loved our time as players and now as spectators we never imagine what happened happening to anyone.

  2. Mary says:

    It is so sad to lose such a young and talented athlete. How very hard for all who have enjoyed watching him play cricket, but especially for his family who loved him.

  3. Oh, Michael, how sad. We never know, do we. It’s a loss for the world of cricket, no doubt–but how much more so for those who loved him.

  4. brian miller says:

    wow. i bet…have always wanted to figure cricket out…i knew of it but was really introduced to it on a cruise and followed it while we were away….how sad when ones are taken so young…and to be taken out in the middle of the game you love…oy…i imagine that did shock the cricket world…

  5. JackieP says:

    A lovely tribute to a young athlete struck down when playing something he loved. May light and love be with his family, friends and fans.

  6. I hadn’t heard this… so sorry. You wrote him a lovely poem.

  7. Prajakta says:

    Lovely poem! Two of my friends were especially shaken by this news. I shall share this with them.

  8. Wow.. i never thought about cricket as a potential dangerous game but anything with flying objects has to be as humans are not immune to the laws of physics…

    A nice tribute to this fellow of sports it is.. and sports is always a microcosm of society in all it’s competition.. wins.. and fails.. as you so eloquently report here..:)

  9. Oh I had not heard this.. Somehow when a young popular athlete dies at the game it becomes overwhelming

  10. scotthastiepoet says:

    A cool and fitting tribute to a bright young spirit – thank you… With Best Wishes Scott

  11. Lyn says:

    There has been such an outpouring of grief and love. In another moving touch, the New Zealand players chose to wear their training caps onto the field so their official ‘baggy blacks’ could rest on top of their cricket bats on the sidelines. New Zealand and Pakistan agreed to suspend play on Thursday with players too shaken to take the field. One young life, too soon taken, but the love outpoured warms our hearts.

    • Yes I saw that Lyn. In the Sri Lanka/England game not only did the players wear black arm bands but I was surprised by the large number of posters in the crowd paying tribute to him. He has touched so many. It will be a sad occasion on Wednesday.

  12. A wonderful tribute Michael, a sad loss to the cricket world and indeed to everyone. Too young to be taken. RIP Phillip and may his family gain strength knowing the love and loss is felt by so many.

  13. A wonderful tribute. So sad.

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