Photo Challenge #36 “Sheep Control” Officer Jersy.


Officer Jersy sat astride his

Giant Jezersko–Solčava sheep

Believing all along that it was a horse

But with an exceptionally comfy fluffy seat.

Little did he realise

The metaphor he had created

When he tied the noose around his neck.

As he patrolled the streets

Maintained law and order

The unruly he banished

The obstructionists he trampled beneath

The hooves of his Jezersko–Solčava sheep.

Officer Jersy loved his job

He lived and breathed law and order

He liked to make a big entrance

He wanted to be noticed

And he upon his trusty steed

Accomplished all he dreamed of.

Little wonder then that upon the arrival of spring

With blossoms sparkling

The streams gurgling

Happy children dancing their way to school

The town stopped to see Officer Jersy

Walking desolate through the streets,

The noose hanging from his own neck

Being led by his faithful companion,

His Jezersko–Solčava sheep

Now half its normal size.

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13 Responses to Photo Challenge #36 “Sheep Control” Officer Jersy.

  1. Ooh this is imaginative and weird all in one ..nice weird 😀glad the sheep got his own back though.

  2. I think this is brilliant Michael amusing and profound all at once

  3. Lyn says:

    Great use of the prompt, Michael. I would never have thought of something like that. No, not “would never have”, I could never have thought of something like that.

  4. Pat says:

    I’m chuckling madly as I read this Michael. 😀 An absolute treasure of vivid imagination and wonderfully intriguing – but with such a great twist. You never cease to amaze me 🙂

  5. Bastet says:

    Fantastic Michael … I’m still chuckling! A great write!

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