Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Illusion

My chosen prompt for this week’s haibun is illusion.


I sit and stare at the phone.

I am stunned.

I was certain I had made adequate arrangements for the evening.

She said she was keen.

She was apprehensive at first.

I said it was to see a play a friend was performing in.

How could I have gotten it so wrong.

I am feeling that all to familiar gut wrenching pain of rejection.

Maybe it is my foolishness, revisited yet again.

What I thought was reality turned out to be anything but that.


only a fool dreams

reality can be so cruel

what’s it telling me


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25 Responses to Ligo Haibun Challenge ~ Illusion

  1. Anja says:

    She was the fool, not him 🙂

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Hi Anja, it’s all a matter of perception isn’t it. Thanks for the comment, I agree with you…she misses out.

      • Anja says:

        Silly girl!!!! I am now trying to think of what to write….illusion or ecstasy…..what to pick.

      • summerstommy2 says:

        Yes she was. I feel I would be repeating myself with ecstacy having written about morning glory earlier. Either way I find them great challenges. Good luck.

      • Anja says:

        Thank you….think I need some wine and free up some words from my head. Maybe I will write for both prompts

      • summerstommy2 says:

        Good luck I ran two blogs and did but I’ve decided to write only one that way I have time to write for myself.

      • Anja says:

        I always write for me. I’m typically shocked when people like certain ones because I feel like others won’t understand them.

  2. Like Anja and yourself perhaps it is she that is missing out on a golden opportunity..then again perhaps she felt sorry for him when he first asked and now couldn’t go through with it 😦 such dilemmas. 😦

    • summerstommy2 says:

      I think you are right about her not going through with it. Though that doesn’t make him feel any better now does it. Such a tender male ego at stake.

  3. high five and raspberries says:

    I found this terribly sad. I believe you must be able to dream…sometimes it is all in the interpretation.

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thank you Patricia. I agree with your comments. I think I have written a few too many depressing hard luck pieces of late.

  4. Penny L Howe says:

    Cleverly Sad. Well done haibun with an excellent haiku!

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  6. julespaige says:

    As you see I found the other one, as I saw it was commented on in you side bar.

    Illusions are perhaps unfulfilled expectations…But who has set the bar too high? Kind of reminds me of that one dating commercial – you get to speak with someone for about 5 minutes (or 5 seconds) the bell rings and someone changes seats. The gal looks up to gasp at a painted face…not that of a clown, but of a punk rocker?

    Thanks for your visit. I think more than just a few will choose both prompts 🙂 They are both full of intrigue and mystery.

  7. Peripatetic Eric says:

    Poignant with a lot of feeling.

  8. nightlake says:

    Disappointment could be bitter and cruel..a touching haiku

  9. She missed out. but there is much sadness in your words.

  10. Absolutely, she missed out. Being let down, having your dreams shattered – it’s all part and parcel of life – a life well-lived. If we don’t try, we will never know. Although I have come infinitesimally close to wishing otherwise, I think that I would still feel the pain of loss, than not feel anything at all. So, in the moment, you might feel foolish for dreaming, in retrospect, I don’t think it’s a fool’s errand after all. Your haibun was very thought-provoking (as you can tell!).

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thank you Freya. Yours is a heart felt response. Pain and suffering are part of life, they can strengthen us though at the time they are soul destroying. Take care.

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