Friday Fictioneers – Sky Prawns


This is my effort for Friday Fictioneers. For all you American bloggers who have a problem with ‘prawns’ substitute ‘shrimp’. Not my fault you have it wrong!!

You reckon we could make it?

No worries.

How far do you think?

Hard to say.

You think that’s where they’re hiding?

Have to be. It’s big enough.

That’s what I think too.

They like a big cave.

They do.

So what’s the plan?


Yeah we should have a plan.

Probably a good idea.

Got the net?


The boiler on?

Yes, I’m organized.

Lets go on three.


Go, go, go.

There, there, there.

Wow look at that.

That’s what I call a catch of sky prawns.

Lets get out of here before….


Idiot! The prawns!!

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63 Responses to Friday Fictioneers – Sky Prawns

  1. Dear Summerstommy,

    Shrimp or prawns, they mean the same thing…Good Eats! Sky fishing must be challenging.;) Nice dialogue.



    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thank you Rochelle. Sky prawns, very tricky to catch, you have to rush them, then go like the dickens.

  2. Gabriella says:

    Made me think of Forrest Gump! Cute and funny take on this photo. I struggled a bit until I paid more attention to the colours.

  3. SS hmm sky prawns you say?? Rubs chin ‘curiouser & curiouser’ 😉

  4. That was refreshingly weird. 🙂 Nice job~

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thanks David that’s the challenge each week to think well outside the square!! Thank you for your comment.

  5. Shreyank says:

    this is something different and creative 🙂

  6. Sandra says:

    Quite a unique take on the prompt.

  7. rckjones says:

    I’d call ’em “prawns” too! Sounds tasty. Are they going to open a restaurant?

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thank you rckjones. The restaurant is a good idea providing they find a more effective way of avoiding aircraft.Thanks for following my blog.

  8. This reminds me of looking for shapes in the clouds and the difficulty of trying to point them out to others. What a wild time your story was! I thought the clouds looked like the ocean so it’s not such a giant leap, is it? 🙂


  9. elmowrites says:

    Too right, prawn not shrimp. Prawn is my son’s nickname; causes all sorts of confusion as we live in Canada!

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thanks Dawn. I am glad I was able to make you giggle. A response from one’s readers is always good to see.

  10. AnElephantCant stop chuckling!

  11. Joe Owens says:

    SOmehow I get the feeling this will be a “one and done” attempt. Were any parachutes harmed in the execution of the “plan”?

  12. pattisj says:

    You have a good eye to spy prawns in the sky. Great take on the photo.

  13. Jan Brown says:

    Extremely creative, and a good time for all your readers! Well done.

  14. Fantastic dialogue, very amusing.

  15. I always wondered what they caught in the sea of clouds.

  16. I caught some sky prawns at the harvest moon with a grim reaper. Who needs a jet? Ha. Boil them?better raw with Worcestershire – if they’re true cloud fresh ones.

  17. neenslewy says:

    Great dialogue – I liked the visual layout on the page. Also reminded me of Forrest Gump. Visually strong.

  18. zookyworld says:

    What a neat idea to collect shrimp (sorry!) in the sky. But that sounds seriously challenging!

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thanks for your comment Zooky, even if you have used the incorrect word!! And yes it is challenging especially when those jet fighters come through.

  19. troy P. says:

    I like how you flipped the world upside down with this!

  20. Linda Vernon says:

    Oh wonderful! I love the idea of sky prawns! I bet they’re light and airy! 😀

  21. wmqcolby says:

    Hahaha! Goes well with the underwater basket-weaving, too. Fun! Thanks.

  22. So, do I gather this is a campaigning comparison of artisan, sustainable fishing by two good friends vs the aggressive, don’t-care-about-the-future, commercial fishing industry using jet aircraft to maximise the catch? If so, I’ll buy a t-shirt.
    It was great fun and a nice take on the prompt.

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thanks Patrick. A sky prawns T-shirt now that an idea. Not sure i would refer to hunting sky prawns a sustainable industry considering the inherent dangers the catchers face.

  23. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Summerstommy,

    Your dialogue in this tale set the stage and sold the story. It reminded me of Heinlein’s crisp interaction between characters, especially the word, “Jet!”. Good job with the prompt.



    • summerstommy2 says:

      G’day Doug thanks for the comment and your satisfaction on my take on your prompt.
      I have been surprised by the number of responses it has generated. Thanks again.

  24. Prawns, shrimp…it’s all the same to me. Wow, an interesting, creative take and my introduction to sky fishing! Nice!

  25. Yummy! I love prawns or shrimp either way. Do sky prawns have wings or do they just jump?

    • summerstommy2 says:

      Thanks Joseph for your comment. Myth says they can jump but scientific research has concluded they have small wing like gills that they use to propel them through the clouds.
      You believe that?

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