I want to be a Drama Teacher



Today I got my report.

Half yearly progress report for Mary Parsons.

It’s all a bit glum.

It’s not I don’t try. All I ever seem to do is try.

I have to admit that it is not the life of academia that awaits me.

Truth be known I want to be a drama teacher.

Drama teachers are cool.

They get to do real cool stuff, you know like impro and devising and playing games

I love drama.

I have what my teacher in my report says, and I quote, ‘Mary has a great passion and flair for drama, I encourage her to pursue her interests as I anticipate she will do very well in this subject.’

How is that for a positive enforcement of my future prospects?

I want to strut the stage, be in plays, write plays, direct plays, do all the things you do as a drama person.

The trouble is I come from a family of mathematicians.

My whole family are into maths.

My father and his father were both engineers.

My dad expects me to be an engineer as well.

Follow the family path to glory as he puts it.

Tradition he tells me is an important feature of our family.

I did once suggest to him that maths was not my forte.

He looked at me and said ‘Mary, maths is what our family do. We have all made our contribution to society and I expect you to do the same. I want to be able to put beside our business name Parsons and daughter’.

I found the prospect so daunting I hid for an hour.

All I could think of was how disappointed he would be when the truth came out that his only daughter Mary had not inherited his maths gene.

I mean the cold hard reality is here for all to see.

In science my teacher has said, ‘Mary is not suited to this subject. She might benefit from a less rigorous subject.’

In History I get, ‘Mary may well go down in history as life’s greatest drama queen but in this subject her application to the study of Australian colonial history is non existent.’

As for maths:’ Mary is a quiet girl who appears to be spaced out with her head in any place that does not require a maths equation to be contemplated. Sadly for Mary there is no Maths course lower than the one she is currently studying.’

All my hopes of rescuing some modicum of integrity with my family have now gone.

My father said when I mentioned one day that I loved drama said ‘Mary, drama is a good thing in its place, it’s a game to play, you will get nowhere in life doing drama. And anyway it is not a real subject.’

He thinks drama teachers are people who can’t get real jobs.

But as my mother would say whatever you do Mary do it with pride and enthusiasm.

That’s how I treat drama.

Well I’d better be getting home.

Face the firing squad.

Then again, had I done well in maths I would have a reason to be unhappy.



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2 Responses to I want to be a Drama Teacher

  1. mandy says:

    “He looked at me and said ‘Mary, maths is what our family do.” Lol. This might be my favorite line, Michael. I’m not all keen on the maths either! And the father saying drama is not a subject? That just won’t roll in most people’s opinions 🙂 This was such a fun piece to read. I wouldn’t mind hearing it read as a monologue, however, that would be considered drama, too!

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