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SoCS March 5/16 – This and That

This is my stream of conscious for today. When I think back on my life, which I have to point out is getting longer by the day, I have experienced a bit of this and that as I’ve gone along. … Continue reading

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SoCS Sept 19/15 “route/root.”

The first thing I thought of when I saw this prompt was that where I live we pronounce ‘route’ as ‘root’. I found it intriguing years later to discover there were people who pronounced ‘route’ as ‘route’. Like so much … Continue reading

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Journal Monday Prompt #12 – My Life

Today’s prompt: When you were a child, how did you imagine your adult self? Are you living your dream? Did you take a far different road than what you imagined? Or is your life exactly as your youthful self envisioned it … Continue reading

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Poetics – Writing to the Art of Danny Gregory – A Mouthful of Onion.

Image: Danny Gregory Life comes with challenges Youth, health, learning, Age, no energy, death. So much is promised, The world is your oyster Its there for the taking. But taking is easier said than done. What if circumstance prevents Youth, … Continue reading

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Mångata – Writing Prompt # 88 – January 4, 2015 – Reflections

Mångata is a Swedish word for the glimmering, road-like reflection that the moon creates on water. Its midnight At last they are asleep Our first day on holiday, The summer heat has exhausted us all. Children sleep resting for tomorrow … Continue reading

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Shackles It had been a good day. By his own standards it had been a good day. Not too much stress. Just enough productivity. But still he worried about what might happen tomorrow. He knew he was trapped. That matter … Continue reading

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