Saturday Mix – Double Take, 9 June 2018


This week’s words:

mail – postal delivery
male – masculine person


moose – a large elk
mousse – dessert of whipped cream and eggs

The mail arrived yesterday. A large male person with a very masculine appearance knocked on the door and said: “Sign here!”

The mail was a parcel delivered by the masculine male person and on said parcel was a stamp with a moose being a moose.

I opened the mail which was send from my very male cousin, Monty, in Canada. Monty sent me a mousse he had made and hoped it would survive the mail run from him to me.

I opened the mousse to discover it was in perfect order and was so good I bet a moose would devour this mousse if given the chance.

So I then sat down to write my male cousin Monty a thank you reply making sure to leave a few tell-tale signs on my letter of the mousse he had sent.


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