Saturday Mix – Double Take, 2 September 2017 – The Wee Small Girl


Image credit monicore via Pixabay


new – not old
knewpast tense of know

wee – very small; a little

The wee new girl we knew had a past. Everyone had been briefed to expect the unexpected. Even though she was just a wee slip of a thing we knew like one does an acorn that big things can come from wee objects so we knew we had to be on our guard.

It was nothing new in our community to have new folk move in. Some people said it was a tank of petrol from the city to our town and when a family or person was making a break from whatever their situation might have been we knew and they knew refuge was always available in this town.

We welcomed new arrivals, as we knew they were often in need of comfort and friends.

We accepted them as they were and the wee small girl attached to the latest family to arrive we took in immediately as one of us.

We did this because who knew if they knew what we knew or if this could be the start of a new life for the wee small girl.

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10 Responses to Saturday Mix – Double Take, 2 September 2017 – The Wee Small Girl

  1. weejars says:

    Foster parents play SUCH an important role. A great story to illustrate the huge impact a little love and care can have. Thanks for joining in 😃

  2. Fandango says:

    I knew I’d like this new post of yours. I think we all like it, at least a wee bit!

  3. scribblersdip says:

    I loved the last line – had my head spinning with all the who knew you knew but maybe not, because you never can know for sure 😉

    LOL – great job with the prompt 🙂

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