Wordle #148 “March 27th, 2017″ – Josh Lutalica


 This week’s words: Cheek Heavy Insect Skin a Razor- Drive a hard bargain. Instant Greed Helpless Meander Assail Mediocre Passage Lutalica


Josh Lutalica was often asked the question of what is it like to be you. He was an unusual man. Tall and thin, reserved, intelligent but with a wicked sense of humour and an infectious smile.

He didn’t play the games most other men played. He didn’t go to the pub after work, he didn’t swear and curse at his bad luck, he didn’t beat his wife and kids. He was what some thought of as a nice man, not a stand out as in extrovert, but a gentle man who seemed at ease with who he was.

He accepted his lot in life. You couldn’t say he was greedy, that wasn’t his style nor was he in any way helpless and from a distance it would appear he was mediocre and meandering his way through life in fact he was doing the opposite.

Josh Lutalica had a clearly defined passage to walk through in life. In the instant he decided anything, he knew where he was going and who he was taking with him.

He had that ability to know when to skin the razor, negotiation he developed a skill at and he showed on more than one occasion the cheek to bid high knowing he may have to bargain as time went on.

I saw him once being assailed by some angry parents, their children they felt had been short changed by him where in actual fact it was the children who had tried to heavy him and he had stood his ground not afraid to take them on at their own game.

It was all over a lizard insect that Josh had found on a trek through the Himalayas and his students believed he had made the whole story up.

Josh knew his truth, knew who he was, knew his limits and was prepared to stand by the man he was.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/wordle-148-march-27th-2017%e2%80%b3/

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7 Responses to Wordle #148 “March 27th, 2017″ – Josh Lutalica

  1. I love that closing line, the quiet resolve of the character!

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