Wordle #147 “March 20th, 2017″ Heliotrope Ballet


This week’s words: Latch Ballet Levitate Heliotrope ((n.) Any hairy plant belonging to the genus Heliotropium, of the borage family, as H. arborescens, cultivated for its small, fragrant purple flowers. Any of various other plants, as the valerian or the winter heliotrope. Any plant that turns toward the sun. A light tint of purple; reddish lavender. Surveying. an arrangement of mirrors for reflecting sunlight from a distant point to an observation station.) Iridescence Media Passion Harmony Inseparable Legs Heat



You don’t come across many ballet performances in which a heliotrope is the focus of the entire performance. All the dancer’s legs encased in lavender and at one high point in the ballet three of the principle dancers began to levitate. It was quite an amazing performance. How they achieved the levitation is still a mystery to me.

I latched on pretty quickly to the notion that the plant in the ballet possessed an iridescence that drew your attention from the word go. In the heat of the moment you could be forgiven for thinking there was far more passion involved than actual skill.

The media had a field day with it all claiming it was unthinkable and beyond the realms of harmony to put the two things together.

For me I found the ballet and the levitation two inseparable aspects within the one structure and I hailed the artist director and choreographer.

I look forward to the next production when again the heliotrope will feature this time as a series of mirrors through which the sun will be reflected onto several latches held in the teeth of several ballet dancers whose legs this time will be encased in a reddish lavender during which time a choir will levitate while singing the most beautiful of harmony in an iridescent sky. This is not to be missed.



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4 Responses to Wordle #147 “March 20th, 2017″ Heliotrope Ballet

  1. maria says:

    Definitely not something to miss. Great use of the word prompts!

  2. I agree a must see! Ballet dancers really do seem to possess the ability to levitate, they just kind of stick in the air gravity be damned

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