Wordle #144 “February 27th, 2017″ – Lucinda, Heaven or Hell?


This week’s words:

Good Enter Tree Mirabilis ((adj.) wondrous, remarkable, amazing) Different Abandon Plausible Lucida (the brightest star in a constellation) Bald Flaw Apotropaic ((adj.) Intended to ward off evil.) Grow

It was Wayne who looked at Greg and Greg who looked at Wayne and then back down on the body in front of them before either shrugged uncertain what to do next.

Wayne and Greg were the gatherers of souls, and Lucinda’s corpse lay in front of them. Her soul stood beside her deceased body looking at both entities wondering what was going to happen next.

Wayne was the representative of Hell and sought souls eagerly as there was no place quite like Hell as far as he was concerned. Greg, on the other hand, represented the angels of heaven and thought every soul deserved at least to be considered for the delights of heaven and all it held.

Lucinda, they both, knew was not the brightest star in the universe. There was nothing mirabilis about her, in fact, she had suffered from Anorexia mirabilis: a form of religious fasting to the point of starvation. There was nothing virtuous in any of that. No good came to those who starved themselves, and both Heaven and Hell frowned heavily upon such behaviour.

Both entities had different but similar attitudes to Lucinda’s demise. Wayne saw Lucinda as being totally unsuitable to enter the gates of Hell. She wouldn’t want to participate in Hell’s delights all contained in Hell’s Kitchen where the best sushi in Eternity could only be found. Greg thought it totally implausible that Lucinda be allowed into Heaven, after all, she had more or less taken her own life, and the Senior Boss wasn’t terribly fussed about that idea on any good day.

The flaw in all of this was that Heaven had a thing about abandoning any soul, it felt some sort of fight should be had for every soul no matter how bad they might have been.

Heaven did have the apotropaic tree a place where they put you to see if any good came from you. A sort of cooling off place to see if you were worth it after all. Some people had grown into reasonable souls as a result, but in Lucinda’s case, they both felt it might be a case of shaving her head bald and seeing which of the up or down was more to her liking. Heaven did have the best ham sandwiches, and in cases like this the applicant would be placed in the apotropaic tree, given two plates, one with a ham sandwich and the other with a generous sushi and observations would be taken to see which she favoured.

Wayne and Greg accepted the lottery nature of this practice, but it did work as had been the case with one US President in recent times when his demise threw both areas of eternity into complete chaos. The guy had arrived wanting to make a real good deal, said his deals were the best deals and that whoever wanted him the most would be fine with him. In truth both Wayne and Greg were quite indifferent to him, both concerned their respective eternities would suffer immeasurably sent him to the apotropaic tree and made him wait an eternity before giving him the plates. Greg was happy that day.

Wayne made sure he visited the sulphur mines just to get the feel of Hell and all it had to offer.

So both deities sat back to watch the bald Lucinda, sitting comfortably in the apotropaic tree, much into her ham sandwich and then the sushi. With fingers crossed both hoped something mirabilis might happen to the seemingly non-mirabilis Lucinda.


Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2017/02/27/wordle-144-february-27th-2017/

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2 Responses to Wordle #144 “February 27th, 2017″ – Lucinda, Heaven or Hell?

  1. Anorexia Mirabilis brilliant! Heaven has the best ham sandwiches lol I am so glad to see these two at it again, their antics are always entertaining. I guess I am going to hell because I do like sushi lol

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