Writing Prompt #122 “Collage 5″


The madness was plain to see

The magic mystifying.

Why he stayed in a mad house

Inhabited by such a lunatic

Puzzled so many, but not him.

The days of love were long gone

Feelings existing in a mist of memory.

They tried all they could

To remedy, to renew

To reinvigorate.

But no cure-all was going to make a difference

When desire and want had long left the building.

She had her own flights of fancy

Those desperate moments when logic gave way

To the thoughts of criticism and anger

When the irrational became the norm

And children cringed in fear

Doors locked should the marauder

Find them shivering in each other’s arms.

For him the magic lay in his resilience

His determination to remain sane

Not try to imitate her madness

For that would spell the end.

He needed to be protector

Guardian, the rock for them who feared

The only one who could possibly

Give them reason to fly when

Underground seemed so safe.

So the tree they each inhabited,

A family rich in love and understanding

Who took him in, offered solace to the children

And whose safeguarding led each child

To adulthood as a member of a tree

That stands tall and proud.

While the madness continued around them

They looked on, distanced themselves

Stuck together as the magic grew stronger.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/08/30/writing-prompt-122-collage-5%E2%80%B3/

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14 Responses to Writing Prompt #122 “Collage 5″

  1. I love how despite crushing circumstances your characters continue to fight on, their resilience is admirable!

  2. Bastet says:

    Ah … such a terrible think when a relationship goes so sour … one needs all the magic one can get just to stay sane … and how much more difficult for the little ones … an insightful write.

  3. weebluebirdie says:

    This is so powerful. It resonates very much with me, I will keep this post in a safe place, for the times when my resilience is low.

  4. humbird says:

    Wow, they are really resilient and magical pair….

  5. Widow Veil says:

    Michael–so deeply moving, an honorable man who chose well: resilience and faith, and so much Love. It’s amazing that any of us gets out of the core madness, to find golden unburnt pinions amid the ashes. But so many of us gather here…stand together, strong, fly.

  6. Beautiful poetry. They complement each other, in an odd way.

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