Wordle #75 “August 24, 2015″ – Rice


This week’s words: Orpheus (Greek Legend. a poet and musician, a son of Calliope, who followed his dead wife, Eurydice, to the underworld. By charming Hades, he obtained permission to lead her away, provided he did not look back at her until they returned to earth. But at the last moment he looked, and she was lost to him forever.) Follow Meantime Bleary Considerate Deafening Proximate Faculty Simulacrum (a slight, unreal, or superficial likeness or semblance) Preserve Rice Charcoal

When Jim was baptised you could have heard a pin drop when his mother announced that he was to be baptised James Orpheus O’Brien. It was an understatement to say that her announcement was met with a deafening silence.

The priest protested that it was not a saint’s name and that God would see it as bowing to false idols. But Jim’s mum would not be moved to change his name for love nor money.

Years later when he asked about his second name she told him it was to remind him never to look back in life, always to be moving forward for what happened in the past if bad would always be bad and she wanted her son to be always moving ahead no matter what.

And he did for the day he entered the charcoal business, although he knew it was a dirty trade but a valuable one and he never looked back. In his day it was a valuable commodity, people valued its potential and his contract with the Church was enough to ensure his future success…

He was a considerate man, he gave to charity, he attended his local church, he soon became a pillar of society, a person many wanted to be seen in the company of.

He had a penchant for rice, he ate it at every opportunity, sang its praises, even began a small import business bringing containers of the stuff in from overseas.

Meantime the charcoal business was flourishing. His joint ventures mean long hours at work and often on a Friday morning he would appear in his office bleary eyed from working over night his faithful follower and friend Mathias Numblebum would often remark as only Mathias could, that Jim was in present times a simulacrum of his former self.

Gone was the chirpy get up and go young man of years back. His workload had left him barely functioning at times and sometimes his ability to proximate the company’s forward projections came into question.

But when the business is yours it is your preserve to do what you want and that when he sold his interest in charcoal to the Science Faculty at the Dodgy University it did raise eyebrows it must be said. For many-said rice was a good product but it would never take off in the way charcoal did and Jim’s ability to make a decent decision was called into question.

Just as the business storm clouds began to thicken the Orpheus part of him kicked into gear once again for a week after his decision to sell off the charcoal business the bottom feel right out of charcoal leaving nothing but a lot of dirty hands and faces.

Rice suddenly took off, helped enormously by the influx of Asian migration and the acceptance of Asian food into the local community. It was true thought Jim, as he sat down to his favourite fried rice dish that his mother had in fact been very wise with her choice of names for her son.

Always forward never looking back

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/week-75.png

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13 Responses to Wordle #75 “August 24, 2015″ – Rice

  1. I really love how you incorporated Orpheus into your story, very clever and original way of using it. As always I love the names you choose! I love Jim’s obsession with rice, I also love rice and could eat it for every meal and have haha

  2. Valida Faire says:

    I agree with Yves, all the way. Love the names–and Rice is a mainstay for me too. The story is so positive, uplifting–as well as entertaining.

  3. Lyn says:

    Wow Michael, you sure know how to use a prompt in very different ways. A great story 😀
    I’m rather partial to rice. Actually had some for dinner tonight.

  4. Great use of the words. I think another lesson in the tale is “don’t worry about what others think!” Now kids are baptized almost anything–guess it’s up to them to make it a saint’s name

    • Most definitely Victoria, I’ve been to a few baptisms in recent times including that of my grand daughter Arria Pixie.
      She’s one and looking very angelic but it is early days still.

  5. Grace says:

    What a unique middle name and I though I love rice, I am now conscious of my weight so I don’t eat much of it anymore.

    Anyway Michael, just wanted to drop by to let you know of this feature:


    Best regards

  6. Oloriel says:

    What an interesting tale, I could not but fall right in. I really love that the characters are so true to their personas, you weaved a very inspirational tale.

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