Wordle #70 “July 20, 2015″ Injury


This week’s words: Flatten Cephalic (relating to the head) Coagulate Innards Frequency Hiss Tinnitus (a ringing or similar sensation of sound in the ears) Spear Spray Radial Leviathan (a large marine animal such as a whale, anything of immense size and power such as a ship) Dogged

The tinnitus in his head he had gotten used to. The constant ringing was what each day brought him. The accident had brought him so much discomfort that what others may have thought of as unfortunate he considered normal.

The cephalic injuries to his head had left him with a flattened section, which gave him an odd appearance. To say he had landed on his head and that had taken the full brunt of the accident was to put it mildly.

He considered himself lucky that the accident, which exposed his innards and had resulted in radical surgery to sew him back together, had been a success. The reports of his guts being sprayed all over the sidewalk and his blood coagulating in his clothes were features he wasn’t all that keen to recall.

But one thing that wasn’t destroyed was his dogged determination to recover. Despite the fact that his speech was now greatly affected and his voice not much more than a hiss, the frequency of which ranged from mood to mood and he experienced plenty.

He was left with the memory of the leviathan he recalled as the bull elephant, his tusk spearing through him as he was lifted and dashed upon the ground.

Now the nightmare revisited him each night and even though his brain was now reduced, the memory of that day remained despite every effort to cleanse himself of such thoughts.

One day at a time he would tell himself as he found himself hissing a command for more pain killers…..

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/07/20/wordle-70-july-20-2015/

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1 Response to Wordle #70 “July 20, 2015″ Injury

  1. Poor man! What a terrifying incident. Elephants are so huge I can never quite get over that when I see them how powerful, how beautiful yes but also intimidating.

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