Writing Prompt #115 “NoEnd House Part 1″ – Sun Room


Image: Yves

It was sheer pleasure so often

To enter this room, the one on the right

You enter through the plush doors

Turn right and enter a sunny and welcoming place.

I see you still sitting as you do

Day in, day out,

Awaiting time to call your number

To say to you ‘Its time Kate

This is your last day,

The sun will shine tomorrow

But you will enter the realms of memory.’

So often we lounged on the cane chairs

The ones you had pulled up to the window

To make the most of the light

The sun, the birds singing

The flowers that grew with enthusiasm

Under your guiding hand.

I miss you in this space

Your calm, your generosity

Your kindness to a small boy

Seeking knowledge,

Learning from your experience.

Your room is now gone,

I looked the other day

The windows are modernised

The wooden shutters permanently shut,

The lounges long moved on.

A boy sleeps in there now

He has no knowledge of the joy

That once permeated the walls

The delight I took in taking in your stories

All gone now, soaked into the well of my memory.

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/07/12/writing-prompt-115-saint-lawrence-river/

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9 Responses to Writing Prompt #115 “NoEnd House Part 1″ – Sun Room

  1. A beautiful telling of memory and time gone by.

  2. How beautiful this and how moving. I love how you tied it with the image the sunlight, the guiding hand. Excellent work!

  3. mj6969 says:

    Really amazing depiction, setting of the scene and scenarios – the characters – all so deftly crafted and woven into this wonderful – happy and sad piece. Absolutely a delight to read – there is an after taste that lingers – bittersweet in the mind. 😀

  4. Overwhelmingly beautiful and moving.

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